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In a single evening, we’ll take you through all of the aspects involved in buying a home. Whether it’s your first home, or if you’re selling up and moving on to another property, our advisors are always happy to help you on your way.

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Calculate your maximum mortgage

Before you start looking, you’ll naturally want to know how much you can borrow. By using our online calculation tool, you can generate your own initial estimate.

Check current prices and bidding info with Walter Living

Use Viisi for a free trial subscription of no less than 6 months at Walter Living. This allows you to request up-to-the-minute price and bidding information on all properties. Is a property being offered at a very attractive price, or is the asking price far too high? Has it been sold before and come back onto the market again later? You’ll get to see it all!

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We’ll conduct a preliminary meeting by phone, and with us, it’s always without further obligation. This way, we can find out together within half an hour whether we’re able to help you. We can almost always provide a direct insight into the possibilities open to you.

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Our knowledge database is packed with useful information on mortgages and house-hunting.

Bidding on a property

Offer with certainty

An offer without a financing condition increases your likelihood of a successful bid. It is not without risks however, which is why Viisi, in collaboration with BNP Paribas, introduced Offer with Certainty. After a thorough assessment, we will issue you a maximum figure with which you can make an offer that is not subject to financing.

Legal guidance

During your search and after the purchase of your new home, you can make free use of the DAS legal helpline, which is useful for any legal questions surrounding the purchase, financing, transfer and renovation of your new home.

Are there any other questions on your mind? Your advisor is on standby.

Your advisor is always available for questions during your search. That’s great news!

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During the consultation, we’ll discuss which mortgage best matches your requirements, and look for a mortgage lender who can meet your needs. We’ll compare interest rates and processing times, look for the perfect fit, and calculate exactly what your monthly payments would be.

Insurance included

Are you in need of term life insurance or income protection cover? That won’t cost any extra money with Viisi.

Need an appraiser or bank guarantee?

Look no further, because Viisi can also set that up for you. We work together with a number of fast and knowledgeable partners, with competitive rates.

Your application with the mortgage lender

A 40% faster processing rate for your mortgage

Our team of lightning-fast mortgage underwriters will prepare your application down to the last detail, and apply for the mortgage offer of your choice. You will receive a suitable proposal as soon as possible. Do you have any further questions? Your advisor will be happy to discuss them with you.

Final quote

Have you agreed to the mortgage proposal, and did all your documents receive a positive assessment? If so, you will then receive a final mortgage offer. All you need to do afterwards is sign, and your mortgage is done and dusted!

Your home = financed!

Congratulations! ? You can head over to the notary and pick up the keys to your house. Let’s all toast to that!

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Living in Apeldoorn

Who wouldn’t like to live on the stylish Loolaan? This avenue dates back to the year 792, when it was given the resounding name of ‘Villa ut marca Appoldro’. The name contains the word ‘Appa’, which means water. Situated on the edge of the Veluwe, with easily workable soil and sufficient water available, it was a good place for agriculture. From the 16th century onwards, the paper industry emerged. King William I ordered the Apeldoorn canal to be dug from his own resources, which gave the region an extra economic boost. In 1684 William III bought the Het Loo mansion and built the adjacent present palace. Like so many Dutch cities, Apeldoorn suffered severe damage during the Second World War. With its 140,000 inhabitants contemporary Apeldoorn is a lively town and it offers a great opportunity for rural living. The Apenheul and the Veluwe are nearby.

Apeldoorn is a nice place to live. Would you like to learn about the developments in the housing market and with what changes in the mortgage market you will have to reckon? Our mortgage advisors are fully informed and will be happy to help you find and finance your dream home.

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Are you going to buy your first house, do you want to remortgage your property or are you going to buy a next house?

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  • Including mandatory or desired term life insurance(s)
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Professional mortgage advice Apeldoorn

Are you looking around on the Apeldoorn housing market or do you already have a dream house in mind? Viisi’s mortgage advisors will be happy to think along with you and help you to find a mortgage that suits your situation and wishes. By the way, did you know that:

  • The average price of a house in Apeldoorn is € 310,000
  • You pay an average of € 2,439 per square meter
  • Every month some 239 houses change hands
  • A house is for sale for an average period of 37 days.

Do you want more information about living in Apeldoorn? No one knows the city as our mortgage advisors do. They will be happy to provide suitable advice.

Want to know your options?

Curious about your options in Apeldoorn? Schedule a telephone mortgage advice consultation in Utrecht with one of our mortgage advisors. If you have your sights set beyond Apeldoorn, Viisi can also assist with appropriate mortgage advice. We have several offices in the Netherlands, including Amersfoort, Hilversum, Amsterdam and The Hague. You can find a list of all our branches on the contact page. Feel free to contact us!

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