We understand that clarity about the processing time of your mortgage application is very important. Especially when buying a new home under the condition that it is subject to financing for instance, you’re obviously keen to know how long it will take before you receive a definitive mortgage offer. A mortgage might be accepted within a few days, but the process can also take a few weeks in some cases. Here’s why.

Mortgage processing times

Do a direct check on the mortgage processing times of lenders such as ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO.

Note that your options may vary according to your type of residence permit. Read all about it here.

Are you self-employed? Take into account that it often takes just a little longer before your mortgage is processed. If you’ve had your income assessed in advance, then the application time will be the same.

How long does a mortgage application take?

Of course, our advisors will do their utmost to get your mortgage accepted as quickly as possible. And they seem to be doing a good job of that, as your mortgage application with Viisi is about 40% faster than the national average, according to HDN (Mortgage Data Network). Did you follow our webinar, and have you had an exploratory mortgage interview? If so, then you’ll know what the maximum amount is that you can borrow.

Mortgage acceptance in 3 steps

Has your offer been accepted? Discover on the basis of 3 steps how long it takes to get your mortgage processed. Keep in mind every step of the way that you yourself can exert the most influence on getting your mortgage processed swiftly.

  • Step 1: time between the accepted offer and mortgage application
    Approximately 1 week

    Approximately 1 week
    If your offer has been accepted, it is smart to inform your advisor by phone as soon as possible. We can then immediately set a number of key matters in motion, such as preparing and scheduling the consultation, the application for the appraisal report, and the submission of documents.

    It helps us if you ensure that all the documents you submit are as complete as possible in your own MyViisi environment, as we can then prepare for the appointment in the best way possible. After we have discussed all your wishes in the consultation and selected the best mortgage, we will set things in motion to apply for the mortgage. This usually happens within 1 week of the offer being accepted.

  • Step 3: time between the lender’s assessment and the agreement

    2 days to 2 weeks
    In the chart below, we keep track of how long the average review takes with the lenders we recommend the most often to our customers. You will receive a final offer once the mortgage has been accepted by the lender.

    Are you short on time? If so, it’s important to take the mortgage processing time into account when choosing a lender.

Mortgage processing time for mortgage applications

Latest update: Week 27 (11-07-2024)

Money provider Lead times
ABN Amro 1 workday
Florius 1 workday
NIBC 1 workday
ASN Bank 2 workdays
Allianz 2 workdays
BLG Wonen 2 workdays
Dynamic Credit 2 workdays
ING 2 workdays
Lloyds Bank 2 workdays
Neo Hypotheken 2 workdays
Obvion 2 workdays
Venn Hypotheken 2 workdays
bijBouwe 2 workdays
AEGON 3 workdays
ASR 3 workdays
Argenta 3 workdays
Bunq 3 workdays
Merius 3 workdays
Nationale Nederlanden 3 workdays
Tulp Hypotheken 3 workdays
Vista Hypotheken 3 workdays
Lot Hypotheken 4 workdays
Triodos 4 workdays
Woonnu Hypotheken 4 workdays
Attens 5 workdays
MUNT 5 workdays
Syntrus Achmea 5 workdays
Centraal Beheer 6 workdays
Clarian Wonen 6 workdays
Hypotrust 6 workdays
Robuust 6 workdays
Woonfonds 6 workdays
HollandWoont 8 workdays
Rabobank 12 workdays

Good to know: after you have accepted the mortgage offer yourself, it usually takes 1 to 3 working days before the lender has processed it, and is able to transfer the funds to the notary.

Arrange your mortgage application with Viisi

And there it is. Now you know how long it takes for a mortgage to be processed, and what steps are involved once your offer is accepted.

Are you curious about your possibilities? We can help. Schedule a no-obligation phone appointment, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about your mortgage application in 30 minutes. and take the time to answer any questions you might have.

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