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  • Including mandatory or desired term life insurance(s)
  • MyViisi: documents can be simply and securely uploaded online
  • Academically educated advisors
  • One fixed advisor for the entire mortgage process

Have you had a mortgage in the past, but haven’t had it for the last 3 years?

Have you had a mortgage in the past, but no home acquisition debt for the last 3 years now? Then we charge a lower rate for you. The rate is then € 3,095.

Costs of mortgage advisor after taking out a mortgage

An hourly fee is charged for work that we perform (at your request) after the mortgage closing (continuous guidance). We apply two types of rates:

  • € 200 for your mortgage advisor
  • € 75 for support

Additional mortgage services

Appraisal report € 630
Bank guarantee for guarantee amounts up to € 35,000* € 275
Bank guarantee for guarantee amounts from € 35,000* € 375
Bridge loan € 300
Divorce (buy out an ex-partner) € 3,295
Disability insurance entrepreneur during mortgage application € 995
Extra mortgage quote, you have already received a final offer € 995
Extra mortgage quote, you have not received a final offer yet € 300
Family bank scheme, supplementary to mortgage loan € 300
Foreign income, add-on € 500
Income from upcoming pension € 250
Income mortgage protection insurance (disability/ unemployment),
during mortgage application
€ 0
Interest rate averaging (mortgage taken out through Viisi, excl.
administrationfee lender)
€ 500
Life insurance during mortgage application € 0
Increase existing mortgage (for mortgages arranged via Viisi) € 2,095
Increase existing mortgage (for mortgages not arranged via Viisi) € 2,795
Mortgage loans > € 1,000,000, add-on € 500
Negative home equity financing € 500
Offer with Certainty ( guarantee) € 850
Starters loan via Dutch Public Housing Stimulation Fund (sVn) € 250
Structural survey € 375
Tax continuation of universal life insurance/ savings account € 500
Unconventional housing (self-built house, CPO (Collective Private Ownership),
houseboat, MVE (Publicly Committed Ownership), MGE (Socially Responsible
Ownership; maintenance is performed regularly and costs are clear, etc) add-on:
€ 1,000

* Lower rates apply for bank guarantees in combination with an Offer with Certainty.

Entrepreneurs pay an additional fee

If you are registered as an entrepreneur at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), then your mortgage application requires extra attention. More information will be required in order to assess your financial position. In many cases, a more extensive approval process will be applied by the mortgage lender. Naturally, we want to serve entrepreneurs as best as possible. For this reason, we charge the following additional fees:

Sole proprietorship / Entrepreneur IB income is required to be eligible for financing € 495
Limited Liability / Entrepreneur DGA / BV income is required to be eligible for financing € 995
Second Sole proprietorship / Entrepreneur IB € 295
Second Limited Liability / Entrepreneur DGA / BV € 495
More than two enterprises € 115 per extra enterprise
Entrepreneurs’ income is not required to be eligible for financing € 250

In addition, many lenders charge extra costs (€ 300-600) to determine your entrepreneur’s income. Your Viisi advisor can provide you with more information.

Please inquire about the possibilities

Why do we charge these expat rates?

We are sometimes asked by our expat customers why we charge a slightly higher base rate for expats. We are happy to explain how we structure our rates (since we aim for radical transparency)!

We help many different types of customers, and feel it is fair to differentiate our rates as much as possible according to the effort we put in. For example, we apply lower rates for first-time buyers, compared to homeowners looking to move on to other properties (as this entails more complex financing). Equally, it takes us less time to determine the income of someone in paid employment than a self-employed individual – another example of when we will apply different rates.

We have also noticed that our expat customers often require more extensive input from us than ‘locals’. Naturally, we want to be able to offer that extra focus, and our team of specialized expat advisors are happy to provide it.

The expat rates are applicable if you have indicated that your preferred communication language is English.

As a side note: our fee is tax-deductible!

The advantages of Viisi

✓ Academically trained mortgage advisor during your mortgage process
✓ Including life insurance
✓ Including housing costs insurance: cover in the event of incapacity for work and unemployment
✓ Fixed rate for advice & mediation
✓ Including legal helpline
✓ Including non-life insurance
✓ Pay with iDeal

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