Expat housing and mortgage webinar

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In one night you will learn everything you need to know in order to buy a home in The Netherlands

Do you want to buy your own home in The Netherlands?

Check out our complimentary Expat Housing & Mortgage Webinar! During this information evening, we will look at every step involved in purchasing your own home in The Netherlands: orientation, searching, purchasing, and financing, including mortgage advice. Meetup with our Viisi advisors and ask any questions you have in an informal setting, via chat.

What can you expect?

A number of topics will be addressed, including:

  • What is the current market status? Is it a favourable time to purchase real estate?
  • Which (maximum) mortgage loan do I qualify for? What is advisable in my situation?
  • What options will I have when selecting the best expat mortgage?
  • How do I choose a mortgage (advisor)?
  • Will I require a purchasing realtor?
  • What extra costs can I expect besides the purchase price?
  • What taxes are applicable when owning a home?

Who can profit from this webinar?

Our webinar is an excellent start for anyone trying to find their feet in the Dutch real estate market. After the webinar:

  • You will be well prepared for the purchase and financing of your new home;
  • All of your questions will be answered;
  • You will have exchanged experiences and tips with like-minded expats.

So why are we organising this information evening free of charge?

  • Organising a webinar is a positive and useful way to get to know each other;
  • When purchasing a home, important decisions must often be made in a short period of time. This webinar will help you make the right decisions;
  • Assisting you in making thorough preparations often helps the financing process go much more smoothly!
  • Last but certainly not least: We just like talking about our passion and sharing it with those who are interested 🙂