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Eager to discover the maximum amount you can borrow to secure your dream home? At Viisi, we recognise the importance of making life’s most significant investment, especially when navigating the complexities of a foreign market. Crafted with the unique needs of expats in the Netherlands in mind, our mortgage calculator delivers the clarity you seek. Should you desire personalised guidance, our dedicated advisors are just a consultation away.

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Do you qualify for a mortgage in The Netherlands?

If you are an expat living in the Netherlands and you are considering buying a house, you may be wondering what the possibilities are for a mortgage. Use our ‘Do I qualify for a mortgage?’ tool and find out if you are qualified! No personal information will be asked when completing the tool.

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Calculate your maximum mortgage and monthly payment

The journey of finding your dream home is an exciting adventure. Understanding your financial capabilities is crucial if you’ve already found your ideal residence or are actively exploring your options. Wondering about your borrowing potential? Our mortgage calculator can quickly ascertain your borrowing limit and projected monthly payments. After gaining this valuable insight, you can delve into our comprehensive guide on the five essential steps to homeownership in the Netherlands.

What is your maximum mortgage using a mortgage calculator?

Curious about your maximum mortgage amount? In addition to our user-friendly mortgage calculator, we have a team of dedicated mortgage advisors ready to guide you through the intricacies. Let us introduce you to Thomas Sies, our expert, who will walk you through how the mortgage calculator functions and the key factors you should consider while using it.

Your maximum mortgage is calculated by these 5 factors

Obtaining a mortgage isn’t merely a matter of crunching numbers; it involves a comprehensive understanding of your financial portfolio and lifestyle circumstances. Cold, hard figures do not just determine your mortgage. It’s about understanding your life and financial standing. Our mortgage calculator employs an algorithm based on five important factors:

1. Income

The primary factor influencing your mortgage amount is income. If you’re on a permanent contract, you can include your current earnings, holiday allowance, and any 13th-month pay you might receive. Overtime and regular bonuses can often be counted as well.

For those with a temporary contract or self-employed, the average income over the past three years is typically used for calculations. However, additional options may be available to you. You can read our detailed article or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

2. The mortgage rate

A mortgage rate sounds good, but there’s a catch. If you lock in that rate for less than 10 years, the bank might not use it to calculate your maximum mortgage. Instead, they’ll use a fixed rate, which the AFM sets quarterly. In the past few years, the rate was 5,0%, but it can change every few months. Why? The mortgage provider wants to be sure you can still afford the mortgage if rates jump up after your period of fixed interest ends. If you choose a short-term rate, you might get approved for a smaller mortgage amount.

3. The value of your dream home

One key thing affecting how much you can borrow for a house is the “loan-to-value.” It’s the ratio between how much you want to borrow and the home’s value. The smaller this ratio, the lower the interest rate charged. And with a lower interest rate, the maximum mortgage sum goes up a bit. If you are considering renovating the home or investing in sustainability, then consider unique construction or energy improvement loans.

4. Financial obligations

How much you can borrow for a house isn’t just about your income. It’s also about debts that you might have. For example:

  • Student loans
  • Bank loans
  • Credit cards
  • Phone plans
  • Car leases

These are often listed with the Dutch Credit Agency (BKR). You can see your BKR record for free. Always check how you are registered to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

5. Housing expense factor

Another key element influencing your mortgage is the “housing expense”, which refers to the portion of your income allocated for mortgage payments.
This metric is contingent on several factors:

  • Your income, as well as your partner’s income, if applicable
  • The prevailing interest rate and the duration for which you lock it in
  • Whether you’re in retirement or still in the workforce

Calculate your mortgage with the service of Viisi

Securing the optimal mortgage for your new home in the Netherlands is a critical financial milestone. While our calculator provides a solid estimate of your borrowing capacity, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our specialised expat mortgage advisors for a precise assessment and further exploration of your options. They are equipped to answer any questions and guide you through every aspect of purchasing your new home.

Viisi is committed to easing your decision-making process. To that end, we offer obligation-free consultations as well as complimentary webinars. With the expert guidance of our Viisi mortgage advisors, you’ll be well-prepared to make confident steps towards acquiring your dream home.

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