Are you one of the 1.5 million self-employed individuals in our country? And are you looking to buy a house? No worries: as a self-employed person, you can now apply for a mortgage even if you have only completed your very first year as an entrepreneur! Our mortgage advisors can tell you all about your options. With the right knowledge and network, mortgage approval may not be that hard!

Mortgages for entrepreneurs

There are various types of entrepreneurs. We have taken sole proprietors (self-employed individuals/freelancers) as a starting point to explain how to calculate the income on which the mortgage application will be based.

Mortgage approval can be different for other types of entrepreneurs, such as a managing director-major shareholder (DGA). Are you a DGA and want to apply for a mortgage? We can arrange that. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our mortgage advisors.

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Can I get a mortgage as an entrepreneur?

Yes, you can. You don’t even need three completed years of being self-employed. Just one year can be enough already. Suppose that you have three full years of earning your own money. In that case, the average income/ profit of these three years is usually considered the proven sustainable income for your mortgage application.

How much of a mortgage can I get as an entrepreneur?

We provide an example. Suppose your business has been doing well over the past years. You made €75,000 in the first year, €92,000 in the second, and €85,000 profit in the third year. That’s an average of €84,000.

Once a mortgage advisor establishes your income, you, as a self-employed person, can start calculating your maximum mortgage. If you buy with your partner, their income can also be included.

Good to know: if your income in the last year was lower than your average income of the past three years, then the lower income of last year determines your maximum mortgage amount.

Mortgage options for starting entrepreneurs

Not every entrepreneur has already been in business for three years or longer. This makes it harder for the lender to determine the sustainability of your income. A mortgage lender wants to ensure you can pay the monthly mortgage payments over a long period.

However, you do have a few options. It varies per lender, but here is a general overview of the possibilities for applying for a mortgage if you have been in business for less than three years:

  • Your previous income from salaried employment: if your work has largely remained the same, this income can sometimes be considered. You might be able to base the mortgage application on the average of the last three yearly incomes of both types of employment.
  • Definitive figures from 1 or 2 fiscal years
  • Conservative estimate of future income: if you only have one year of earning income as an entrepreneur, usually 75% of this amount is used as income for your mortgage application. With two years, it is 90% of the average income of those two years. After three years, the full (100%) average of the income of these three years is considered to be your sustainable income.

If you want certainty about your maximum mortgage amount, we can prepare an income statement for you. This statement will allow you to bid with more certainty.

Mortgage advice is a specialty, even more so for entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us; our mortgage advisors know which lenders can best accommodate your situation.

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Required documents for entrepreneurs

Tip: make sure you have the documentation in order before you really start house-hunting As a self-employed person, you must provide a few specific documents different from someone with income from salaried employment. In most cases, these include:

  • Your income tax returns for the last three years
  • Recent extracts (no older than six months) from the Chamber of Commerce of all your businesses
  • After July 1: the interim figures for the current year
  • For a BV: annual accounts of the last three years
  • For a BV: a recent payslip

Processing time for mortgage applications as an entrepreneur

Tip: Make sure that your income for the mortgage application is established before making an offer We often get the question from self-employed individuals: does my mortgage application take longer? Good news: for entrepreneurs, applying for a mortgage can be quick. If you have your income established in advance, an application for an entrepreneur does not take much longer than any other application.

A mortgage application takes longer if your income is not established in advance because the lender must determine your business income. Some lenders that work with Viisi have relatively speedy processing times, so it only takes a little longer than if you were in salaried employment. Provided, of course, that all relevant documents are present.

Establishing income as an entrepreneur

At Viisi, we can already establish your income in advance. If you have the annual figures and the above documents complete, we can start immediately.

This is a rather time-consuming effort, which we are glad to do for you. However, we do request your approval for part of the mortgage advice fee. For our services and the corresponding fees, see here.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact one of our mortgage advisors.

Mortgage with NHG for an entrepreneur

The National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) provides a safety net if you can no longer pay your mortgage due to circumstances. The house’s purchase price must not exceed € 435,000 to qualify for NHG. In addition, specific income requirements apply. For instance, a self-employed person must have been active for at least 12 months and apply for an entrepreneur’s income statement. An external party (Dutch website) must establish this income statement for the NHG application. This is different from the income determination we mentioned earlier. Your mortgage advisor can tell you more about this.

How does Viisi make entrepreneurs happy?

Our mortgage advisors for entrepreneurs deal with mortgages for entrepreneurs every day. Knowing what is possible in a specific situation requires experience and tact.

Our mortgage advisors have university degrees in, for example, fiscal economics or accountancy. After several years of experience, they are often also certified financial planners (CFP/ FFP).

Tip: schedule an appointment with us to be well-prepared. It’s free of charge and you will be all set to go house-hunting afterwards! After the first call or meeting with your Viisi advisor, you will know precisely whether you are eligible for a mortgage and what the estimated maximum mortgage amount will be. You will also know exactly how much you can offer to bid confidently. If you have an exceptional situation, feel free to contact us.

What else can you expect from us?:

Besides quality and optimal preparation, we can also secure a fast mortgage approval. This starts with your first call or meeting with your personal Viisi advisor. He or she has thorough knowledge and experience with mortgages for entrepreneurs.

Within a few days, we will make sure that you know which income will be used for your mortgage application and how much you can maximally offer for your new home. Viisi has direct communication lines with many mortgage lenders, which ensures a smooth process and much quicker-than-average mortgage approval.

Tip: comparing the offers of various mortgage lenders pays off! We are independent mortgage advisors and work with all mortgage lenders in the Dutch market. Think of us as a one-stop shop for your perfect mortgage. This saves time, and more importantly, it ensures that you always choose the mortgage that best suits you as an entrepreneur.

Viisi helps with mortgage applications for entrepreneurs

A mortgage application works differently for entrepreneurs than for someone in salaried employment. There are significant differences between mortgage lenders.

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, contact us before you start viewing houses. With good preparation, your house-hunting will be much more likely to be successful. We help many entrepreneurs every day and are eager to help you. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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