How can you put in a successful offer on your dream home? Ask an estate agent, and one of the first things they’ll tell you is that you’ll have to put in an offer without financing conditions. However, by doing so, you run the risk of having to pay 10% of the purchase price as a penalty if the mortgage application is unsuccessful. Would you pass on that property though if that it was the case – or take a risk and go along with the current crazy flow, even though it might not feel quite right?

Fortunately, that diabolical dilemma is now a thing of the past. With Offer with Certainty, you can put in a bid that is not subject to financing, without running any financial risk yourself.

How does Offer with Certainty work?

1. First mortgage interview

After your orientation phase, you’ll discuss the possibilities for the mortgage with your Viisi advisor. Provide the necessary documents, and we’ll calculate exactly how much mortgage you could get (maximum amount), and in doing so, we’ll take all aspects of your income and financial obligations into account.

2. Make an offer on your dream home

Has everything been reviewed, and are your submitted documents assessed to be in order? If so, we can guarantee that you can obtain a mortgage up to a specified amount. Up to that purchase price, you can therefore make an offer on a home without it being subject to financing.

3. Valuation and application for Offer with Certainty

To apply for the Offer with Certainty Certificate, the value of the property in question must be assessed in advance. This can be done with a desktop valuation or a statement from an estate agent.

4. After your bid

Based on your maximum mortgage amount and the valuation, we will apply for an Offer with Certainty Certificate for you. The amount payable for the issuing of an Offer with Certainty Certificate is € 850.

In the event of an unsuccessful bid

Has your bid not been successful? If this is the case, you will not have to pay the € 850 sum, and will only incur costs for the desktop valuation (€ 25).

In the event of an accepted offer

Is the bid successful? Then we’ll ensure that, within 42 days of signing the purchase agreement, the bank guarantee is also provided. There are extra costs involved for this service.

Who provides the Offer with Certainty?

The guarantee of Offer with Certainty is offered by Viisi in cooperation with the insurers BNP Paribas and Hera Life.

  • BNP Paribas is a French bank regulated by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) in France and the AFM (Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets) in the Netherlands.
  • Hera Life is a Dutch proxy company and is regulated by the AFM.

BNP Paribas and Hera Life do not offer mortgages as a company in the Netherlands.

Viisi’s mortgage advisors are responsible for taking stock of your situation, and for the correct calculation of the maximum mortgage. A team of experienced mortgage underwriters will then assess the documents you have provided. After approval of both your advisor and the underwriter, Viisi will apply for the certificate for Offer with Certainty.

What are my obligations?

The most important thing is that you provide a true and total overview of your and – if applicable – your partner’s financial situation. You must divulge all matters relevant to the mortgage application and submit them correctly. You can do this via your My Viisi account. We will provide you with the necessary instructions rergarding which documents you will need to submit.

What are the costs?

The Offer with Certainty certificate costs € 850, and includes the following:

  • the first consultation with a mortgage advisor
  • the assessment of your documents by our mortgage underwriters
  • the Offer with Certainty Certificate

In the event of a successful bid and therefore the purchase of a home, € 275 is added for the provision of the bank guarantee. For homes with a purchase price lower than € 500,000, this is € 175.

In addition, you must take into account the standard additional costs when buying a home, such as costs for Viisi’s mortgage advice, the appraisal report, the notary, and any other costs associated with the property purchase.

The amount for Offer with Certainty and for providing the bank guarantee will be paid and settled at the notary on the date of completion.

The terms and conditions of Offer with Certainty

Offer with Certainty is unfortunately not yet available to everyone. The main conditions are:

  • You must have an income from paid employment. (There may be other options available for self-employed persons, ask your Viisi advisor.)
  • It is solely available for existing properties.
  • You will need to provide us with a complete and accurate overview of your income, assets, involvement in companies, debts (credits, lease cars, student debts), emphyteusis associated with the collateral, and any possible alimony obligations. The next step is to substantiate this information by submitting the documentation requested by us.
  • The maximum property value to which this applies is € 750,000.
  • Is the property an apartment? Then there is a condition that stipulates that the VvE (the building’s homeowners’ association) is active and financially sound.
  • If you apply for the certificate together with a partner, the validity will expire in the event of the termination of your relationship with your partner.
  • You need to report changes in income, debts and financial obligations to us as soon as possible, and we will then adapt the certificate to the new situation. The old certificate will then lose its validity.

Please note! These are the main conditions; the list is not exhaustive. Other conditions may apply that mean it might not be possible to request Offer with Certainty. In the consultation with your advisor, further assessments will be made to ascertain whether Offer with Certainty can be made available to you. Viisi reserves the right not to issue the certificate if, according to our assessment, the application is not suitable for this purpose.