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The housing market in The Hague

The housing market in The Hague is diverse: from Kijkduin to Ypenburg, Benoordenhout, the vibrant city centre and the melting pot of cultures around Zuiderpark. You can live in a beautiful old building with classic gables in the city centre, in a contemporary newbuild development in Leidschenveen, a high-rise close to the station, or beside the dunes in Vogelwijk. The Hague is a city of contrasts. Whether you opt for sand or moorlands, there is always a neighbourhood to suit you.

The Hague is a wonderful city in which to live and work. At Viisi Den Haag, we know that only too well. Historic districts close to the centre, such as Zeeheldenkwartier, Bezuidenhout, Willemspark, Archipelbuurt and Regentessekwartier have become incredibly popular in recent years. Most homes in these areas consist of conversions; a ground floor apartment and two upstairs apartments, or three or four apartments above one another.

What are the latest developments on the housing market in The Hague?

Not only are the mortgage advisors that work at Viisi university-educated, they know the housing market in The Hague well. We monitor all developments and trends closely so that we can always give you appropriate mortgage advice. In recent years, we have seen the historical areas around the centre of The Hague become incredibly popular. What typifies these neighbourhoods is that most homes consist of conversions. That is a building with a ground floor apartment and two upstairs apartments. Many house buyers rightly question exactly what the situation is regarding the maintenance of such a building. Who is responsible? And how does the provision of a mortgage work in these cases? We often receive such queries at Viisi. We have the necessary experience to give you appropriate mortgage advice.

What we also see in The Hague is that property prices are rising more slowly than in other popular cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. These cities are very popular with first time buyers on the housing market, because there are many colleges and universities there. This is not so much the case in The Hague, because the court-capital has no universities. The logical consequence of this is that the housing market in The Hague is under a little less pressure. That does not change the fact that finding a suitable home can still be an enormous task that entails a great deal of planning. In addition to obtaining mortgage advice, you can also attend a seminar at Viisi in The Hague. The seminar is entirely free of charge and gives you a good idea of your options on the housing market in The Hague in just one evening.

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Mortgage advice in The Hague? With Viisi, you have come to the right place!

Do you enjoy diversity? Then a home in The Hague might be the right option for you. Not only are there appealing modern homes to be found in the vibrant centre, you will also feel right at home in the multicultural neighbourhoods around Zuiderpark. Do you prefer the beach? Then Vogelwijk is an ideal choice. But naturally, The Hague has numerous attractive areas where you could find your dream home. Whether you already have your eye on a home and have made an offer, or are still busy looking, you can always come to Viisi for anything mortgage related. Looking for mortgage advice in The Hague? Then you are welcome to visit our office at 2 Louis Couperusplein. Book an initial no obligation telephone consultation with one of our Viisionaries now.

Mortgages for government officials appointed for a probationary period: how does that work?

The Hague is a city of opportunities, that includes the labour market. Have you just graduated and do you harbour political ambitions? Then it may be wise to base yourself in The Hague, where you can work for various government institutions. The tricky thing about such jobs is that you often have no contract of permanent employment to start with, you are appointed for a probationary period instead. This is also known as a trial period. What’s more, being appointed for a trial period does not mean your mortgage loan application will automatically be refused. Fortunately, we also have plenty of experience of this at Viisi, so we can offer you good advice.

Expat Housing & Mortgage Webinar in The Hague

Check out our complimentary Expat Housing & Mortgage Webinar in The Hague! During this information evening, we will look at every step involved in purchasing your own home in The Netherlands: orientation, searching, purchasing, and financing, including mortgage advice. Meetup online with our Viisi advisors and ask any questions you have in an informal setting by chat.

Professional mortgage advice in The Hague

Curious about your options on the housing market in The Hague? Get in touch and book a no obligation mortgage advice consultation in The Hague now. Our mortgage advisors are at your service to ensure you soon enjoy your dream home. Have you set your sights wider? Viisi has several offices in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam and Utrecht. You can find a list of all our branches on the contact page.

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