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Living in Alkmaar

Alkmaar is known around the world for its cheese. As you walk through the centre, you see many references to the appetising round cheeses, as well as beautiful buildings from the 16th to 19th century. Alkmaar boasts a total of 399 national monuments and 700 municipal monuments, the cityscape thus has protected status. You can also find characteristic old canals and many almshouses in the centre.

However, do not be fooled into thinking this is just a city for history enthusiasts. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has rated Alkmaar the fifth best city for shopping because of the diversity of its retail offering. And like any modern city, the shops are open as usual on Sundays.

We briefly touched on scarcity on the housing market. The municipality is working hard to expand the number of homes, particularly in post-1990 newbuild areas (Vinex districts). Alkmaar has opted for diversity in these newbuild areas. For example, the Vroonermeer neighbourhood on the edge of Alkmaar. Many homes are beside the water or green spaces. Road traffic safety and privacy were important points of departure in the development of this area. Vroonermeer-Zuid was designed as a restricted traffic area, while Vroonermeer-Noord has a more rural character. As mortgage advisors, we monitor developments in Alkmaar closely.

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The best mortgage advice in Alkmaar

Why we are so self-assured? We know Alkmaar, we work there, we live there, we walk there, we lunch there and visit friends there. We know everything about Alkmaar and mortgage advice is our specialism. Living in this historical gem is incredible, but buying a home can be quite a challenge. The appealing centre, the perfect location and the number of amenities make it a popular city.

Riding the wave of price increases in the capital city, buying a home in Alkmaar is a very good investment. Take mortgage advice from professionals who know Alkmaar. You can book an initial no obligation telephone appointment to gauge whether you want to do business with us. Naturally, you need to feel comfortable. Attending our seminars in Amsterdam will give you reassurance. Our university educated mortgage advisors take 2.5 hours to explain everything you need to take into account when buying a home.

Coffee in Alkmaar

Not only is Alkmaar the city of big cheeses, the coffee culture originated in this North-Holland city too. Alfred Peet, the godfather of quality coffee, unleashed a genuine coffee revolution over half a century ago. Even the founders of Starbucks took advice from him. His parents’ home used to be where Roses restaurant is now situated. What can we say; those with good taste will feel completely at home in Alkmaar.

Professional mortgage advice in Alkmaar

Looking to move out of the Randstad, but still work there? Alkmaar is centrally located in relation to various large cities. Or do you live in a somewhat smaller municipality and are you seeking the allure of the city without the population volume and issues that come with a very large city? Are you a first-time buyer on the housing market, or is your family expanding? Are you buying on your own or with a partner? Viisi can offer input for all circumstances. Mortgage advice for you in Alkmaar, that is what we offer. Your needs and options are our priority.

Did you know:

  • The average asking price for a home in Alkmaar is € 316,802.
  • There are over 50,000 homes in this delightful city.
  • At least 57% of those homes are owner-occupied.

Want to know more? Our mortgage advisors know the situation better than anyone does and would be delighted to offer appropriate advice.

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Schedule an introductory no obligation telephone consultation whenever it suits you best. Have you set your sights beyond just Alkmaar? We may be able to assist you with mortgage advice then too. We have many other offices usefully situated throughout the country. Call one of our mortgage advisors to find out what we can do for you!

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