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Making solid preparations for your house-hunt

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At first you can check if you can apply for a mortgage in The Netherlands by using our ‘Do I qualify for a mortgage?’ tool. Within two minutes you will know if there are possibilities for you for obtaining a mortgage in The Netherlands. No personal information will be asked when completing the tool.

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In a single evening, we’ll take you through all of the aspects involved in buying a home. Whether it’s your first home, or if you’re selling up and moving on to another property, our advisors are always happy to help you on your way.

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Before you start looking, you’ll naturally want to know how much you can borrow. By using our online calculation tool, you can generate your own initial estimate.

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Viisi clients take advantage of our extended network. We connect you to the best real estate agents, appraisers, notaries, building inspectors etc.

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We’ll conduct a preliminary meeting, and with us, it’s always without further obligation. This way, we can find out together within half an hour whether we’re able to help you. We can almost always provide a direct insight into your possibilities.

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Our knowledge base is packed with useful information on mortgages and house-hunting.

Get your bearings in the housing market

Check current prices and bidding info with Walter Living

Use Walter Living for your house-hunt. This allows you to request up-to-the-minute price and bidding information on all properties. Is a property being offered at a very attractive price, or is the asking price far too high? Has it been sold before and come back onto the market again later? You’ll get to see it all!

Bidding and negotiating

Offer with certainty

An offer without a financing condition increases your likelihood of a successful bid. It is not without risks however, which is why Viisi, in collaboration with BNP Paribas, introduced the Offer with Certainty. After a thorough assessment, you will receive a certificate with a specific amount up to which your mortgage is pre-approved. You can make the offer while dropping the financing clause, making it much more attractive for the seller.

Legal guidance

During your search and after the purchase of your new home, you can make free use of the DAS legal helpline, which is useful for any legal questions surrounding the purchase, financing, transfer and renovation of your new home.

Are there any other questions on your mind? Your advisor is on standby.

Your personal advisor with Viisi is always available for questions during your search. If you need to act quickly, we’re there for you immediately!

Tailor-made mortgage advice

Tailored mortgage advice

When your bid has been accepted by the seller, you need to arrange a number of things. First of all the mortgage. During the consultation, you will discuss with us a number of things to make sure you make the right choices:

  • How to structure the mortgage (repayments, fixing the interest, taxation)
  • Which interests are available in the market, what are the differences in terms of monthly payments?
  • Which mortgage conditions are important? And which lender offers the best deal for me?
  • What are the processing times of mortgage lenders and where do I have the best chance on an smooth approval of the mortgage?

Insurance included

Advice on life insurance and other insurances is always included in our advice, without any additional fees. Because it is important to be confident about your financial situation regardless what happens in the future.

Need an appraiser or bank guarantee?

Look no further, because Viisi can also set that up for you. We work together with a number of knowledgeable partners, who offer good service levels and competitive rates.

A 40% faster processing rate for your mortgage

Viisi is unique in having our own team of lightning-fast and accurate mortgage underwriters. They check your documentation before sending it to the mortgage lender. You will know immediately if something is missing or when an additional document might be needed. This way, we make sure that mortgage applications from Viisi are approved 40% faster than average.

Do you have any further questions? Your Viisi advisor will be there all along until your mortgage has officially been approved. And after that as well!

Your home is financed!

Final quote

When everything has been checked and approved, you will receive your final mortgage offer. All you need to do afterwards is sign, and your mortgage is done and dusted!

Congratulations! You can head over to the notary and pick up the keys to your house.

Do you have any questions after that? Or need to arrange insurances for your new home? Your Viisi adviser is there for you!

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Why choose Leiden?

With more than 125,000 residents, Leiden is the fourth-largest municipality in South Holland, closely following Rotterdam, The Hague, and Zoetermeer. This characterful city boasts a rich history. Within the ‘City of Keys’, you’ll find the Netherlands’ oldest university and a beautiful, historic city centre with charming canals, courtyards, and countless monuments. Leiden hosts a rich cultural selection and offers ample opportunities in terms of living, working, and recreation.

Leiden lies within the ‘Randstad’, near large cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, though the coastal villages of Noordwijk and Katwijk are also within reach. Thanks, in part, to the excellent accessibility and amenities, a growing number of home seekers (and tourists) are discovering Leiden. A wide range of housing options is available: you’ll find both historical buildings and new developments. Housing prices vary between € 190,000 for a compact apartment and € 2 million for a villa or stately canal house.

Your situation

Are you going to buy your first house, do you want to remortgage your property or are you going to buy a next house?

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  • Including mandatory or desired term life insurance(s)
  • MyViisi: documents can be simply and securely uploaded online
  • Academically educated advisors
  • One fixed advisor for the entire mortgage process
  • Extended network of real estate agents, appraisers, notaries etc.
  • Through Viisi, your tax return and provisional refund are arranged

Expat mortgage advice in Leiden? Viisi is your advisor!

Leiden has plenty to offer families and young professionals alike. Be charmed by the compact, orderly city centre which is well worth exploring by foot. Had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city? Visit one of the many parks and greenspaces to relax and unwind. Leiden is known for its extensive canal network. No matter where you find yourself, water is never far away. Following Amsterdam, Leiden has the second-largest water flow through its historic ports. Situated along the Holland lakes area, the city is an excellent launching point for a pleasure or tour cruise. Devastating bombardments during the Second World War levelled the area near the station and the Mare district; fortunately, the fortress town’s historical centre was spared.

Just as in other popular cities, it can be challenging to get hold of your dream house in Leiden. Thorough preparation and a clear approach are therefore essential. Looking for expat mortgage advice in Leiden? We look forward to helping you! Schedule a non-binding telephone consult to discover your options or attend our seminar in The Hague. The session is free of charge and takes place during the evening to accommodate work schedules. In two and a half hours, our university-educated consultants will guide you through the ins and outs of purchasing a home in Leiden.

Water, greenery, and culture in Leiden

Leiden’s various canals and waterways are a defining feature of the historic city. With its countless stately houses, Rapenburg is the most well-known canal. The canals of Leiden trace along museums, courtyards, and countless historical buildings with magnificent façades, making exploring the city via boat well worth the effort. The quaysides are low, and an abundance of docks are available to accommodate your visit. Large water and recreation areas border the city, such as Vlietland, the Kagerplassen, and the Valkenburgse Meer.

Leiden also has a lot to offer in the way off greenspace. Located along the former ramparts, parks such as the Plantsoen, Ankerpark, Huigpark, and the Hortus Botanicus now add an abundance of green character to the city. Urban parks such as the Leidse Hout and Cronensteyn also provide solace outside of the city centre.

Known as a giant open-air museum, the city boasts an impressive 1,250 national monuments including the Citadel (Burcht van Leiden), the Weigh House (Waag), and the Koornbrug. Museums such as Naturalis, the National Museum of Antiquities, and the National Museum of Ethnology are also worth paying a visit. Popular events are held throughout the year, such as the Liberation of Leiden, the Werfpop Festival, and the Dragon Boat Races. Good infrastructure makes the city accessible via public transport and car alike, and cyclists are also well-accommodated with intercity cycling paths, including two direct routes to The Hague.

Professional expat mortgage advice Leiden

Leiden is a bustling city with plenty to offer. Interested in living in the birthplace of old masters such as Rembrandt, Jan Steen, and Gerard Dou? Navigating the canals back to your apartment or home in a traditional Dutch ‘sloop’? Whatever it is your looking for and no matter your situation, with Viisi Leiden, you’ll receive personal expat mortgage advise. With our knowledge of the ins and outs of the real estate market in Leiden, you won’t face any unexpected surprises.

We’ve set out several facts about Leiden’s current housing market below:

  • The average property value amounts to € 218,000.
  • A house in Leiden is on the market for an average of 36 days.
  • Some 400 homes enter new ownership per quarter.
  • In the up-and-coming districts of Molenbuurt, de Camp, and Merenwijk Centrum, property prices are rising fast.
  • The most sought-after neighbourhoods in Leiden are Havenwijk-Noord, Levendaal-West, Raadsherenbuurt, Havenwijk-Zuid, and Noordvest.

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