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The Delft Housing Market

The number of residents and households in Delft is increasing exponentially. More expensive homes in particular, are ever more in demand. Delft is increasingly becoming an international “knowledge city,” and demand on the Delft housing market is developing along with this change. Many expats come to Delft, and they have money to spend. This means an increased interest in mid-priced rental properties and in more expensive homes for sale.
House prices in Delft are rising a little less fast than average house prices in the Netherlands. At the end of 2016, house prices in Delft were on average 6.9% higher than at the end of 2015. The national average rose by 8.9% during the same period.

Is it still possible to keep below the asking price in Delft? That is difficult to say. In the inner city, Hof van Delft, or Vrijenban, you cannot avoid going above the asking price. Looking for mortgage advice in Delft? We will advise you on making an offer on a home in Delft, and we can put you in touch with a mortgage broker if desired.

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Mortgage advice in Delft? Come to Viisi!

Not only is Delft a wonderful city for students, it is also a great city if you are looking for a home to buy. There are plenty of facilities, and you are also close to other large cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague. As with other large cities, you need to act quickly to secure a home for sale in some neighbourhoods of Delft. It is advisable to be well prepared to increase your chances of landing the home of your dreams.

Looking for mortgage advice in Delft? We would be delighted to be of service. Book an initial no-obligation telephone consultation with us. We also organise seminars in Rotterdam and The Hague. Our seminars are free of charge and take place in the evenings. Convenient if you work during the day. During the 2.5-hour seminar, our university-educated mortgage advisors explain everything you need to take into account when buying a home in Delft, and you will naturally have an opportunity to share experiences with other people.

Living in Delft

Would you like to have all facilities within easy reach, for example, shops, museums, restaurants, and sufficient space for recreation? But are you not very keen on the hectic activity that is characteristic of other large cities in the Randstad? Then Delft is the ideal option. The city is reminiscent of a large town, which makes it pleasant and relatively quiet. Wherever you live in Delft, you are always less than twenty minutes by bike away from the centre. The city has many highly skilled people because of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Delft has a total of 13 districts, so whether you are looking for a large luxury home or a smaller apartment, Delft has a diverse range of homes on offer!

Professional mortgage advice in Delft

Have you just graduated from TU Delft, have you just landed your first job and are you looking for a cosy apartment? Or perhaps you are looking for a (single) family home because you have a baby on the way? But you may also have outgrown your current home and need more living space. Whatever your situation, Viisi in Delft always gives you mortgage advice tailored to your needs and explores all the options together with you. And naturally, we know what is happening on the Delft housing market, so you need not worry about surprises. We have listed a number of current facts about the Delft housing market for you below.

  • On average, a property is listed for sale for 63 days in Delft (note: this is the average, figures can vary widely from one area to another).
  • If you have a slightly larger budget (360,000 – 370,000 Euros), Hof van Delft is a beautiful area to consider. However, this is also the area where homes sell the quickest.
  • Is your budget a little smaller and do you want a better chance of acquiring a home? Then Tanthof is a good area to look at. House prices here are on average 100,000 euros lower than in Hof van Delft.

These are just a few facts about the Delft housing market. Our mortgage advisors know the market better than anyone else and would be happy to give you suitable mortgage advice in Delft.

Curious to find out what we can do for you?

Contact us for an introductory no obligation telephone consultation. We will call you at a time that suits you, so you have all the time you need to tell us about your ideas and ask questions. Have you set your sights beyond just Delft? We have offices across the whole country, so there is always a mortgage advisor familiar with your prospective town or city.

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