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The Haarlem Housing Market

Homes in Haarlem are currently selling like hot cakes. Looking for a home in Haarlem yourself? Be quick, but do not be hasty in making an offer. As it happens, a provisional purchase contract without a financing arrangement clause is not entirely without risk. Looking for mortgage advice in Haarlem? We would be happy to explain the risks to you.

House prices in Haarlem rose by almost 22 per cent between 2013 and 2016. Taking the whole of the Netherlands into account, only in Amsterdam did house prices rise even faster. Homes in Haarlem that had been on the market for years suddenly became very popular again in 2014, 2015. Nowadays, the vast majority of homes are already sold within one to two weeks. In more than half of all cases, for even more than the asking price. We also discuss the pros and cons of a mortgage broker if you want mortgage advice in Haarlem and if desired, we can put you in touch with a mortgage broker to increase your chances in Haarlem.

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Mortgage advice in Haarlem? Viisi can help!

Not only Amsterdam, but also Haarlem is incredibly popular with house hunters. At Viisi, we are only too well aware of that. Homes sell quickly in this city. Make sure you are well informed before proceeding with one of the biggest investments in your life. You can come to Viisi with all your mortgage queries. Our university-educated mortgage advisors give you professional mortgage advice in Haarlem, regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer, you are selling on or switching mortgages, or you are an expat, for example. Book an initial no-obligation telephone consultation to find out about the options now.

Why live in Haarlem?

Haarlem has everything your heart could desire: history, classic buildings, canals, many cafés and restaurants, appealing shops, town woods, and far more besides. You are close to the beach, and public transport quickly takes you from the capital city of North Holland to the centre of Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands. It will not come as a surprise that homes for sale in Haarlem are highly in demand. Particularly since 2015, when it became clear that the interest rate was continuing to drop. After Amsterdam, Haarlem is the largest city in North Holland. First-time buyers on the Amsterdam housing market often buy their second home in Haarlem because of the stunning neighbourhoods and the location.

Professional mortgage advice in Haarlem

Curious about your housing options in Haarlem? Then schedule a mortgage advice consultation in Haarlem with one of our mortgage advisors. Want to know what your options are in one of the other Randstad cities? Viisi has several offices, including in Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. You can find a list of all our branches on our contact page. In addition, we offer a different kind of mortgage advice to all first-time buyers in Haarlem, namely seminars. If you are looking for information about the housing market and financing of a home in Haarlem, the seminar is the best point of departure. Attendance of one of our seminars is completely free of charge. In just one evening, you will be up to speed on all the ins and outs and your options.

Buying a home in Haarlem? Obtain mortgage advice from Viisi

Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer on the housing market or you are selling on, it is always advisable to obtain mortgage advice. At Viisi, we know what is happening on the Haarlem housing market and are thus able to offer you good advice. For example, did you know that:

  • After Amsterdam, house prices rose fastest in Haarlem in recent years?
    Most homes in Haarlem are sold within one to two weeks?
  • 50 per cent of homes sell for more than the asking price?
  • The number of newly built homes is stagnating because there is hardly any more space in the city to build new homes? The few newly built homes that are available find an owner almost immediately.

In addition, you will find it a little harder to find a new home in Haarlem without a mortgage broker. Furthermore, Viisi is observing that people are buying homes in Haarlem without a financing arrangement clause more and more often. This can be beneficial for you in some cases, but as a buyer, you also run the risk of a penalty if your mortgage loan application is turned down and, as a result, you are unable to finance the home. Our mortgage advisors have a great deal of experience with all these issues. Would you like to know what you can expect? Then come to Viisi for mortgage advice in Haarlem. We look at your circumstances, needs, and preferences, and always give you suitable advice.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Schedule a no obligation introductory telephone consultation whenever it suits you best. Have you set your sights beyond just Haarlem? We may be able to assist you with mortgage advice then too. We have offices in various locations throughout the country so you are never far from a branch. You can find our contact details and a list of all our branches at the bottom of this page. See you soon!

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