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An offer without a financing condition increases your likelihood of a successful bid. It is not without risks however, which is why Viisi, in collaboration with BNP Paribas, introduced the Offer with Certainty. After a thorough assessment, you will receive a certificate with a specific amount up to which your mortgage is pre-approved. You can make the offer while dropping the financing clause, making it much more attractive for the seller.

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During your search and after the purchase of your new home, you can make free use of the DAS legal helpline, which is useful for any legal questions surrounding the purchase, financing, transfer and renovation of your new home.

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When your bid has been accepted by the seller, you need to arrange a number of things. First of all the mortgage. During the consultation, you will discuss with us a number of things to make sure you make the right choices:

  • How to structure the mortgage (repayments, fixing the interest, taxation)
  • Which interests are available in the market, what are the differences in terms of monthly payments?
  • Which mortgage conditions are important? And which lender offers the best deal for me?
  • What are the processing times of mortgage lenders and where do I have the best chance on an smooth approval of the mortgage?

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Advice on life insurance and other insurances is always included in our advice, without any additional fees. Because it is important to be confident about your financial situation regardless what happens in the future.

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Viisi is unique in having our own team of lightning-fast and accurate mortgage underwriters. They check your documentation before sending it to the mortgage lender. You will know immediately if something is missing or when an additional document might be needed. This way, we make sure that mortgage applications from Viisi are approved 40% faster than average.

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Viisi on the Amstel

Like Uber, Viisi is based in Spaces The Cloud, the ultra-modern office complex a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Amstel station. This part of the capital, which includes Watergraafsmeer, Indische Buurt and Oosterparkbuurt, amongst others, is exceptionally popular with highly skilled workers.

The general rule is: the closer to the city centre, the higher the average price. A few neighbourhoods stand out in Amsterdam East. Most homes around the Amstel, Weesperzijde and Wibautstraat are very pricey. Prices in excess of 7000 Euros per square metre are not unusual here. Looking more towards the A10? Then property prices are significantly lower. Beyond the ringway, in Diemen for example, it is far more affordable! Let us advise you of your financial options in advance, with no obligation. Then you can act quickly in this popular market.

Amsterdam Amstel is vibrant!

A leopard can change its spots. In 2007, this part of Amsterdam was regarded as a problem area, but it has now largely shaken off the slum reputation. Amsterdam East is hot & happening. Amsterdam East is vibrant! A place where residents descend upon Oosterpark on summer’s days, grab a bite in one of the many restaurants, shop for new, trendy clothes and do their day-to-day shopping at the Dappermarkt or Albert Heijn (the area is virtually littered with them).

Moreover, traditional Turkish bakeries and eastern supermarkets are never far away if you live in Amsterdam East. “The multicultural area around the eastern A10 motorway is known for its green infrastructure”, explains Deni Nozic, mortgage advisor at Viisi. “Wide streets such as Middenweg and Wibautstraat alternate with squares and alleys. Besides, numerous 19th century buildings and a number of cultural hotspots are to be found here. The most eye-catching are Oosterpark, Artis and the Tropenmuseum.”

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The residents of Amsterdam East

Many young families, cargo bikes with children, and sports facilities. Welcome to Amsterdam East. An area where development is in full swing, with housing developments and new offices around the Amstelkwartier, Amstel station, Eenhoorngebied and the Science Park, amongst others. The population of Watergraafsmeer is therefore expected to increase by 25 percent in the coming ten years. “Whereas this neighbourhood used to consist largely of an aging population, it is predominantly students and young families that are moving to Watergraafsmeer nowadays. Those families are also to be found in the Oostelijk Havengebied, although the aging population is increasing exponentially. Particularly in the Turkish and Moroccan communities”, according to Deni. In the last ten years, the Indische Buurt has evolved from a deprived area into a mixed urban neighbourhood.

In a municipal survey, half of residents said they thought the area had improved. Similar to Betondorp, there are a relatively high number of homes for first-time buyers here. “Proportionally, IJburg is the part of the city with the most children. Of the newbuild development’s 19,000 residents, almost 6000 are children.”


Americans, Brits and Asians living in cities with over a million inhabitants are often surprised by the small-town feel of our capital city. The centre with all its terraces, shops and entertainment venues is never more than twenty minutes away from Weesperplein, Javastraat, Oosterpark or Ijburg by tram or bicycle. “Compare that to London, where it takes an hour and a half to travel from east to west by tube. Even in large parts of Diemen, the city centre is virtually in your back yard”, says Deni. “Take tram 9 at Diemen Sniep and you can be at Dam Square within twenty minutes. Partly for that reason, neighbouring Diemen has become increasingly popular in recent years with highly skilled workers who want to escape the bustle of the city, but would rather not venture into the polder.” Diemen centre is very suitable for first time buyers and you can find somewhat larger (thus more expensive) homes in Noord.

Another striking aspect of Amsterdam East is the construction year of most apartments here. While West has many apartments built in the fifties and sixties, there are considerably more that were built after 1970 in the east of the city. At least half. Across the whole of Amsterdam, around 50,000 new homes will be built by 2030. A new artificial island of eighty hectares is being created in the IJmeer, where at least 600 houses will be built every year between 2020 and 2026. The plan is part of IJburg phase 2, which includes Centrumeiland and the future Buiteneiland.

The housing market in Amsterdam East

Those looking acquire a home in Amsterdam will have to dig deep into their pockets in any case. Around 250,000 Euros will buy you a mere 50 square metres, although that is naturally highly dependent on the area you choose. Those who consult the city of Amsterdam’s interactive map of property values will soon notice stark differences. In general: the closer to the city centre, the higher the average prices. A number of neighbourhoods stand out in Amsterdam East. Most homes located around the Amstel, Weesperzijde and Wibautstraat are very pricey. Prices in excess of 7000 Euros per square metre are not unusual here. One encounters similar prices in parts of Watergraafsmeer, around Copernicusstraat and Mariotteplein.

Park de Meer, the place where Ajax used to play home matches, is somewhat closer to the A10 motorway. Property values are noticeably lower here, around 4000 Euros per square metre. You should be able to find a single-family home here for 425,000 Euros. It is even cheaper just outside the city. In Diemen, you can shop away for a home on a budget of 275,000 Euros.

Mortgage advice in Amsterdam Amstel?

It is busy, homes are more expensive and residents are often a little less happy. Yet very many people dearly want to live in Amsterdam. “Sociologists and other professors have different explanations for that. We think it is because the city simply offers what highly skilled workers seek. A combination of working, going out, restaurants, shopping and cinemas. You can find everything around the corner in Amsterdam East”, according to Deni.

As a result of that popularity, it is no easy task to find a home in this part of the city. The number of homes sold is actually reducing. People are staying put, knowing what a challenge it is to find a new pad. And homes that do come on the market disappear quickly in most cases. That is why Deni from Viisi says: be sure to do your homework. “Know in advance what your financial options are and ensure you receive sound advice. No matter how badly you want a home, do not make an offer without a condition of financing. We know exactly how to incorporate this clause without slowing down the purchasing process. Simply a question of giving us a call and popping in. After all, we are just around the corner.”

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