Maximum preparedness for house-hunting

Through our Viisi Assist step-by-step plan, we’ll prepare you as thoroughly as possible for the purchase of your new home. We do this through webinars, whereby in a single evening, we run through everything involved in buying a home, along with the assistance of our extensive knowledge database packed with useful information on mortgages and house-hunting, and of course our non-binding mortgage consultations, where our advisors will directly investigate your options for a mortgage. Are you about to put in a bid? If so, then Bidding with Certainty will ensure that it is bound to succeed.

But suppose something else turns out in a manner you weren’t expecting, or if problems threaten to arise? Again, Viisi Assist will be there to offer legal help.

Get the benefits of legal guidance

Viisi, together with DAS, offers a legal helpline, especially for our clients. You can talk to a DAS legal expert free of charge and without obligation about any doubts, questions, problems or suspicions surrounding the purchase or financing of your home. For example:

  • The selling agent is not acting in a proper fashion, what can you do?
  • After signing the purchase agreement, there appear to be hidden defects, which the seller did not specify. Can you still terminate the purchase, or recover any damages that occurred as a result?
  • You have started renovation works, and the contractor leaves a half-finished job behind and cannot be contacted. What are your next steps?
  • There are problems with obtaining a permit for construction or renovation, or the neighbours have objected to your plans. How can you solve that issue?

The legal helpline is available for anyone who has taken out a mortgage with Viisi or is planning to do so soon.

Have we got you interested? Be sure to schedule a call with us!

We’ll conduct a preliminary meeting by phone, and with us, it’s always without further obligation. This way, we can find out together within half an hour whether we’re able to help you. We can almost always provide a direct insight into your options, and put you in touch with the legal helpline.

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