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“Deni helped us through the whole process with a lot of patience and in a fully transparent way. We are very happy that we worked with Viisi and we highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get a mortgage without getting stressed about it.”
Metin Celik
“Great experience. Very friendly, well handled talk. They are focussed on helping you, not just doing business.”
Chritstoph Rooms
“Excellent service given by Laura of Viisi. She helped in every step and explained everything in English. As an Expat, I don't speak Dutch, still the process went really smooth and I will surely recommend Viisi to my friends. Thanks.”
Amol Tated

Why live in Amsterdam?

What really typifies the Amsterdam housing market is the large number of highly skilled first time buyers. As it happens, the city is home to several universities and colleges and there are many employment opportunities. Coupled with the vibrant character of the city, it is the ideal place for people to ‘stick around’ after their studies and eventually settle.

As such, demand for homes for sale is incredibly high in Amsterdam and each area and neighbourhood has its own characteristics and benefits. If you want luxury and liveliness, then a property in the canal district is obviously a good option. But of course, Amsterdam offers more than just canals. You could also choose to settle in the Pijp where there is an abundance to see and do, in West if you want to be hip, or across the River IJ (Amsterdam North) if you want something a little quieter.

Mortgage advice in Amsterdam: sealed bids

It will certainly come as no surprise that viewings in a popular city like Amsterdam are in high demand and that bids in excess of the asking price are becoming more and more commonplace. But how do you handle this as a first time buyer? Are you not offering more than the market value of the property? Because we know the Amsterdam housing market well, we can advise you on this and other matters if you choose to obtain mortgage advice from us. That way, making an offer higher than the asking price does not necessarily mean you are bidding in excess of the home’s market value. We will look at the most suitable solution for your circumstances in consultation with you.

Mortgage advice on making an offer with or without a resolutive condition in Amsterdam

Anyone currently looking for a home to buy in Amsterdam knows that offers are frequently made without a resolutive condition. Making an offer without this condition could be beneficial for you, but also poses a big risk. Because what do you do if your mortgage loan application is refused? As it happens, you may then have to pay 10% of the purchase price as a penalty. Are you prepared to take this risk? And would you even want to take this risk? We would be happy to advise you on this too.

Need mortgage advice in Amsterdam? We can assist you!

If there is one city where many people want to live, then it is Amsterdam. Not surprising of course, because there is so much to see and do in Amsterdam: museums, concerts, restaurants, nature, water, shopping, Amsterdam has everything you can think of. Are you looking for a home to buy in this popular city, or have you already had an offer accepted and do you need mortgage advice? We would be delighted to assist you. Our university-educated consultants will give you appropriate mortgage advice in Amsterdam because they know this city better than anyone does. Book an initial no obligation telephone consultation with one of our mortgage advisors now.

Mortgage advice for academics

Whether you are a medical student without a permanent contract of employment, a PhD candidate, or a lawyer with years of work experience, you can always count on expert advice from Viisi. All our mortgage advisors have an academic background. We listen to your requirements and look at all the options that apply to your specific circumstances. Check out our 5-step mortgage advice process.

Professional mortgage advice in Amsterdam

Want to know what your options are on the Amsterdam housing market and what you need to take into account? Then contact us now to schedule a no obligation mortgage advice consultation. Our mortgage advisors will assist you so that you can soon enjoy your beautiful new home in Amsterdam. Have you set your sights beyond just Amsterdam? Viisi has offices in various Dutch cities, including The Hague and Utrecht. You can find a list of all our branches at the bottom of this page.