Independent mortgage advice from Viisi

Are you looking to buy a property, have you put in a bid on one, or already bought a home? We’ll provide you with independent mortgage advice, tailored to suit your needs. Go on a journey of discovery with us, towards the ultimate destination: the best mortgage for your dream home.

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How to find the best mortgage advisor?

In the video below mortgage advisor Andrew Aziz will give you some things to consider when choosing a mortgage advisor.

What does Viisi have to offer?

  • We all have solid backgrounds. Our expat mortgage advisers are university-educated, specialize in expat mortgages and will issue personalized, efficient and independent advice.
  • There is always one of our offices somewhere near your location. As a result, our independent mortgage advisors know the local housing market you’re focused on inside out.
  • We compare over 35 mortgage providers, so there will always be one that exactly matches your requirements.

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Mortgage advice from Viisi

Buying a house or refinancing a mortgage can be a fretful experience. We can help guide you through it though. Just point out where you want to go, and we’ll take you along, and help answer all your mortgage questions. This way, you can be sure that with our mortgage advice, you can weigh all your options optimally before you go get things underway.

The value of Viisi

  • Fees start at € 2,995 and are tax-deductible
  • Free first phone appointment without obligations
  • Independent mortgage advice
  • 31 locations throughout the Netherlands
  • We compare 35 lenders
  • One mortgage advisor as a fixed point of contact
  • Assistance in arranging life insurance and income protection cover for employees

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No two journeys are the same: Viisi has its own approach for all situations

You can have several reasons for seeking mortgage advice. Maybe you’re a starter on the housing market and don’t yet know what’s involved in buying your first home. Don’t worry, as our financial mortgage advisors will carefully map out the route for you. Even if you do not yet have a permanent employment contract, obtaining a mortgage with an additional statement from your employer is often still an option.

Expat Housing & Mortgage Webinar

Our webinar is an excellent start for anyone trying to navigate the Dutch real estate market. In one night you’ll learn everything you need to buy a home in The Netherlands. After the webinar:

  • You will be well prepared for the purchase and financing of your new home
  • All of your questions will be answered
  • You will have exchanged experiences and tips with like-minded expats.

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Moving on to another home or refinancing

Are you looking to move on to another home, and have you already found a property or owned a property? Or, are you looking to switch your mortgage to another lender? We understand that you might have some questions about how this works. We will provide guidance for you in these matters, whatever your situation.

We will provide answers to these questions during a mortgage consultation:

Of course, our independent mortgage advisor will grant you all the room you need to put your questions forward. We will also explain what our vision is, how we work, and we’ll take a moment to go through our rates and conditions.

Are we embarking on the journey together after the mortgage advice appointment? The moment you buy a new home, or want to refinance your current mortgage, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment. Together, we will then find a mortgage that’s perfect for you.

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