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“Very satisfied with my experience using Viisi , particularly one of their advisors Arjen Goedmakers who was very knowledgable and extremely good in communication. The whole process was very quick and I encountered no issues whatsoever 🙂 If only the rest of the house purchase process could be so simple!”
Roberto Floris
United Kingdom
“Great experience, crystal clear communications via phone, email and personal contact, customized mortgage consulting service from Laura, everything was taken care very well, we received mortgage earlier than expected. Strongly recommended!”
Barry Gu
“It was a relief that our advisor, Deni, was well-versed especially in English. They were quick, straightforward, professional and clear with every documentation and communication. We got our mortgage approval within a week after completing the required documents. Staff are approachable and friendly.. (free parking!) Overall, we recommend this mortgage consultant. ”
Jam de la Rama

Viisi’s Zuidas Office

People from all over the country move to Amsterdam to work in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district and/or to live in the most multicultural city in the Netherlands (and perhaps even the whole of Europe). Amsterdam has something for everyone, ranging from old canals, the vibrant Pijp and hip West to popular Amsterdam Noord.
Do you work in the Zuidas yourself and would you like to get mortgage advice close to your place of work? Then our Zuidas office is the perfect solution. Even if you are not looking for a home in Amsterdam. That way, you need not take a half-day or a whole day off work, or to travel far. We can provide you with mortgage advice at our Zuidas office.

Mortgage advice in the Zuidas? Come to Viisi!

Not only is Amsterdam popular with tourists, the city is also well-liked by the Dutch. The combination of the Zuidas, Schiphol, and the stock exchange makes Amsterdam an appealing city to work in. Besides, there is plenty to see and do in our capital city. However, those looking to buy a home in Amsterdam need to have a little patience and start their search well prepared. As it happens, the Amsterdam housing market is under incredible pressure. Therefore, obtaining professional mortgage advice is absolutely essential in Amsterdam. Looking for mortgage advice in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district? Then schedule an initial no-obligation telephone consultation with one of our mortgage advisors. Are you busy working during the day and would you prefer to obtain advice in the evening? Then you can attend our free seminar during which we tell you more about the Amsterdam housing market and your options.

Suitable mortgage advice whatever your circumstances

Are you in the process of obtaining your doctoral degree, are you an expat, or do you run your own legal practice in the Zuidas? Whatever your circumstances, at Viisi you can always count on professional mortgage advice from one of our university-educated mortgage advisors.

We discuss your needs and explore all your options so that you make the right decision and can enjoy your dream home in Amsterdam for years to come. The type of home you are buying also plays a role. Are you buying a home to live in yourself? Or are you looking to buy a home as an investment property? Are you looking for an existing home, a newly built home, or do you wish to build your own home? Come to Viisi’s Zuidas office for mortgage advice whatever your circumstances.

The Amsterdam housing market

Viisi only employs highly qualified mortgage advisors who obviously know all about mortgages. They also know what is happening on the Amsterdam housing market better than anyone else. You can find a few current facts about the Amsterdam housing market below.
Amsterdam is very popular with many highly skilled first-time buyers because of the colleges and universities there.

  • You need to act quickly on viewing days, and many homes are sold via a process of sealed bids.
  • We also often see excessive bids, because people want to secure a home very badly.
  • But on the other hand, we also see many vendors adopting the strategy of a low asking price in order to attract more viewers.
  • What’s more, offers are often made without a financing arrangement clause in Amsterdam nowadays. This can be very risky for you as a buyer if you are ultimately unable to obtain the mortgage loan. At Viisi, we have a great deal of experience in this field, and we would be happy to advise you accordingly.

Find out what Viisi can do for you

Curious about all your options? Schedule a mortgage advice consultation in the Zuidas. Our office is situated at Gustav Mahlerplein 2. Very handy if you work in the Zuidas district yourself. In addition to our Amsterdam Zuidas office, we also have an office in Amsterdam East and Amsterdam West, but you can also count on mortgage advice from one of our experienced mortgage advisors in The Hague and Utrecht. You can find a list of all our branches here. Feel free to contact us!