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“Quick, helpful, good English. Got everything sorted and made it a lot easier dealing with a foreign system. Plus Robert Diemer's office serve nice cookies.”
Suzanne Atkins
Northern Ireland
“Great, clear and solid advise for a great price. They level with their client, pre-empt questions and are very quick with replying to questions and comments. Definitively recommend!”
Moos Peeters
UK / The Netherlands
“Excellent service given by Laura of Viisi. She helped in every step and explained everything in English. As an Expat, I don't speak Dutch, still the process went really smooth and I will surely recommend Viisi to my friends. Thanks.”
Amol Tated

The best mortgage advice in Hoofddorp

At Viisi, we believe you can offer the best mortgage advice if you are familiar with the area in which the home is being bought. That is why we opt for local offices with mortgage advisors who are familiar with the city. It is common knowledge that property prices in Amsterdam are continuing to rise. The villages and cities surrounding our capital are benefiting from this greatly. These municipalities are becoming increasingly popular, so buying a home in Hoofddorp is a good investment.

We first offer you an initial no obligation telephone consultation so you can be confident you are getting the best mortgage advice from Viisi, that way you feel more comfortable. We know our clients and we know you want to be well prepared. We think that is a good thing and that is why we hold seminars with an opportunity to answer all your questions. These seminars are organised in Amsterdam amongst others and are hosted by a university educated advisor. In 2.5 hours, you will know what you need to consider when buying a home in Hoofddorp.

Living in Hoofddorp

Hoofddorp has a rich medieval history of Roman ruins that tell a very fascinating story. Who on earth can claim to live in a city built on reclaimed land? In the mid-19th century, this was very modern for the Netherlands and is still regarded as highly revolutionary in many countries. The urge to innovate is in the DNA of this polder city. Hoofddorp is continually busy innovating and is an easily accessible, sustainable and vibrant city.

The name Hoofddorp actually no longer suits this innovative city with over 75,000 residents. Mr. Melis Spaans held that view too. The owner of a mechanical workshop and former chair of the water board, he lodged an application with the executive board of the municipality in 2005 to change the name of the city to Meerstad. His request has not been granted for the time being, so you still have to make do with moving to a city that bears the name of a town.

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Development plans in Hoofddorp

Given its current development plans, Hoofddorp is becoming increasingly urban. The city is expected to have a population of around 90,000 by 2020. A great deal of work is underway on the construction of new homes to give all these people somewhere to live. In fact, 3,500 homes have already been built in six new residential developments in the southeast. There are plans for a more stylish residential area, there is a need for that with the arrival of an increasing number of businesses and large office complexes.

Professional mortgage advice in Hoofddorp

If you work in Amsterdam or another Randstad city, Hoofdorp is the ideal location for you. Its central location and excellent accessibility by train and car, coupled with its proximity to Schiphol, mean you are home in no time. Searching for that new home alone or together? Do you have a family, large or small? The mortgage advisors at Viisi would be delighted to offer input and find a suitable mortgage solution. Whether you want to move to Hoofddorp or somewhere else instead: Viisi will help you finance your dream.

Did you know:
● The average value of a home in Hoofddorp is € 269,000.-.
● There are 60,000 homes in this appealing city.
● A house is on the market for an average of 52 days.
● Hoofddorp Zuid and Vrijschot Noord are areas that may be of interest to you.

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