How long will it take to get a mortgage?

How long will it take to get a mortgage?

A frequently asked question is how long it will take to finalize a mortgage. The time it takes to have a mortgage application approved differs per mortgage provider. In the table below you can find an overview of the average time it takes per provider (including our own check within one day) *.

Update week 38 (last update 18-09-2020)

Mortgage providerDuration
ABN AMRO5 days
AEGON2 days
ASN Bank2 days
ASR2 days
Allianz5 days
Argenta2 days
Attens2 days
BLG Wonen2 days
BijBouwe4 days
Centraal Beheer3 days
Florius1 day
HollandWoont4 days
Hypotrust3 days
ING1 day
IQWOON3 days
Lloyds Bank4 days
Lot Hypotheken2 days
Merius3 days
Munt2 days
NIBC2 days
Nationale Nederlanden2 days
Obvion2 days
Rabobank (Amsterdam)2 days
Reaal Hypotheken5 days
Robuust3 days
Syntrus Achmea3 days
Triodos19 days
Vista3 days
Woonfonds3 days

*The figures indicate average duration, from the moment we have received all required documents until the final approval for a mortgage (step 4 in the step-by-step plan below). If documents are provided late or incomplete, delays may occur. Because of this, we have provided useful tips and instructions on our website so you can provide correctly provide the required documents at the first attempt.

How long do the different steps of the mortgage process take?

In order to obtain a mortgage, you have to take a number of steps. Below you can see which steps you need to take and how long they will approximately take.

Step 1: Telephone call with an advisor
In order to help you as quickly as possible, we initiate every advice process with a free of charge telephone call with an advisor (approx. thirty minutes). After you have left your contact details online, our support team will quickly get in touch to plan the call.

Step 2: Consultation meeting (at the office)
As soon as you actually need a mortgage, we will plan a consultation meeting. In order to have the meeting and the mortgage application process proceed as quickly as possible, we like to prepare thoroughly. You can help us by providing the required information at least three business days in advance through MijnViisi. This is a secure and personalised environment for the digital collection of documents.

After you have provided the documents, a quick check is conducted to see whether the documents have been correctly provided. This is done in order to prevent simple and frequent “small mistakes” and increase the chance of swift approval of the mortgage application. The first two steps can be completed within five business days.

Step 3: Mortgage interest rate offer
We apply for the mortgage offer of your choice. As quickly as possible you will receive a concept mortgage offer (sometimes called the interest rate offer). How long this takes depends on the mortgage provider. It usually takes one to ten business days.

Step 4: Approval and final mortgage offer
After we have received all required documents, a thorough internal check is conducted. This usually occurs within 24 hours. We will keep you informed of any further documents that might be required. This process can also be followed through MijnViisi.

For a swift approval of your mortgage application we prefer to deliver all documents correct and at once to the mortgage provider. Once the mortgage provider receives the documents, it usually takes six business days before they are assessed. This depends on how busy the mortgage provider is at that moment.

Once the documents have been approved by the mortgage provider, you will receive the final mortgage offer. This final offer is binding for the provider within the stated time period. After it is signed and returned to the provider, it is usually processed within one to two working days. Your mortgage is then finalized and you can set up an appointment with the notary.

Our goal is to pick the best mortgage for you together with you. We also want to speed up your mortgage application as much as possible. You can help speed up the process by providing all documents correctly right away. We have useful tips and instructions on our website so you can correctly provide the documents at the first attempt.

Read our step-by-step plan to learn how the complete process at Viisi is conducted.

Interest rate

Apart from the time the application takes, it also recommended to look at the different interest rates offered by the mortgage providers.