When you’re enthusiastic about a property, you are usually not the only person interested in buying. Making a good offer is important, but other factors can also contribute to getting your bid—and not these from others—accepted by the sellers. Let’s list them.

Tip 1: Flexibility is key

A good offer and flexibility give you an edge over other interested parties. For example, if you can show that you have already spoken to a capable mortgage adviser and you will be able to arrange the mortgage quickly, this gives the sellers a lot of comfort.

A swift transfer of the property appeals to certain sellers, so make use of it. Clearly emphasise your flexibility during negotiations, especially if the current occupants are in a hurry to leave. Maybe they already moved and want to avoid unnecessary mortgage costs, or they might be in a divorce.

Likeability factor when buying a home

Inquire—via the real estate agent—for any special circumstances to consider. A certain buyer was granted a property because she was willing to remove all old furniture and carpeting from the property herself. For the sellers—inheritors of the owner—that was attractive because they lived 150 kilometers away from their parent’s property.

Tip 2: Hire a buying agent

You can buy a house alone, but engaging a buying agent has many advantages. Not only will you often be taken more seriously by the selling party, but a good agent negotiates quickly and effectively with the seller. Also, about matters that you could easily forget to think of, like taking over furniture or transferring the property before a certain date. Are you still looking for a good buying agent? Let us know, and we can put you in touch!

Tip 3: Share your motivation

It can help to share with the seller why you want to buy the property. For example, because you already know the neighbourhood well. Sellers can sometimes take that into account. It helps if you are positive and enthusiastic about the property. For example, a buyer on the Tweakers platform shared that he acquired the property through a good offer and by sharing his plans to maintain the pond in the garden—the sellers’ pride.

Tip 4: Make an offer without financing condition

To increase your chances of getting a house, you can make an offer without a financing condition. The seller then quickly gets certainty about the sale. This gives you an advantage over other interested parties who do include this condition in the purchasing contract. Buying without a financing condition can be risky though, for you as a buyer. After signing the purchasing contract and expiration of the legal cooling-off period,  you cannot cancel the purchase if the mortgage is not approved. You then have to pay 10% of the purchase price as a penalty. If you can bear that risk, omitting the financing condition increases your chances. Or opt for Bidding with Certainty, see tip 5.

Tip 5: Opt for an Offer with Certainty

Are you unsure about the risks of bidding without a financial condition? Then there is a way to achieve the same level of confidence on the side of the sellers. With an Offer with Certainty from Viisi, you can bid without a financing condition but also without financial risk for yourself. We pre-qualify you for a mortgage up to a certain amount. You can then make an offer on a property without a financing condition up to that amount.

You can easily arrange an Offer with Certainty by providing the requested documents and contacting us at least two working days before making the offer. Good to know; an Offer with Certainty costs €850. You only pay these costs if your offer is accepted. With a successful offer and, therefore, the purchase of a property, you pay an additional €275 for arranging the bank guarantee. For properties with a purchase price lower than €500,000, this is €175.

An example of an Offer with Certainty

The seller has two offers:

  • An offer with a financing condition of €500,000
  • An offer without a financing condition for €497,000

Many sellers do not want to risk the transaction being cancelled because the buyer cannot secure financing. They prefer to choose offer 2, even though the price offered is lower. Bidder 2 can be granted the property for €3,000 less.

Tip 6: A good offer

All tips to increase your likability factor mainly work if you can make a good offer on the property. Make sure you know exactly what your options are. Your maximum mortgage amount depends, among other things, on your income, the mortgage interest rate, your financial obligations, and your living expenses. These are also closely related. You can get an indication of your maximum mortgage amount online, but a precise calculation will give you the most clarity. At Viisi, we are happy to help you.

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Extra tip: check all relevant information from the property that you like through Walter Living!

  • See whether it is common in a certain neighbourhood to pay more than the asking price
  • See whether the sellers have recently listed the property for a different asking price
  • Get to know what a fair value is of a property
  • And see how high your offer should be to make an all-in offer that the sellers hopefully will not refuse!

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