Did you buy a home last year? Then you can expect a substantial tax rebate the following year. Many of the one-time and periodic costs are deductible on your income tax return. The information in this article only applies to you if you live in the house yourself, not if you rent it out.

Buying a home involves other costs in addition to the purchase price. Part of these costs can be deducted from your taxable income on your income tax return. This can save you a significant amount of money in the end!

Deductible expenses

Below, we’ve split the costs for a home into one-time and periodic expenses. For each type of expense, we indicate whether they are deductible or not. Handy for your tax return!

One-time expenses for your home

Buying a house involves one-time expenses: the buyer’s costs (kosten koper in Dutch, usually abbreviated as k.k.). These can roughly be divided into two types:

  • Purchase costs (such as transfer tax and notary fees)
  • Financing costs (such as advisory fees and appraisal costs)

You can’t always finance these one-time expenses in your mortgage and must pay them out of pocket in those cases. In this article, we’ve listed all possible buyer’s costs.

One-time expenses for your home: deductible or not?

Tip: Planning to buy a house this year? Keep the invoices of the deductible costs from this list well! This table provides an overview of all possible one-time costs when purchasing a new home.


Description One-time costs
Mortgage advice and brokerage costs Deductible
Notary fees* See settlement statement
Appraisal costs Deductible
Transfer tax (not applicable if you used the first-time buyer’s exemption) Not deductible
Costs of bank guarantee (if you haven’t placed a deposit yourself) Not deductible
Mortgage offer extension fees (if your mortgage offer needs to be extended) Deductible
Purchase agent fees (if applicable) Not deductible
NHG fee for purchase (if you’ve taken out a mortgage with NHG) Deductible
Leasehold buyout (if applicable) Not deductible
Technical inspection if required by the appraiser Deductible
Technical inspection if not required by the appraiser Not deductible
Mortgage penalty fee (when refinancing a mortgage) Deductible

* Veel notariskantoren geven op hun nota van afrekening aan welke posten wel- en niet aftrekbaar zijn. Mocht dit niet het geval zijn, dan raden we aan om zelf bij je notaris na te vragen welke posten wel en niet aftrekbaar zijn. Zo mis je geen voordeel bij je belastingaangifte!

Monthly costs for your home

Tip: Curious about your monthly costs during the term of your mortgage? Our calculation tool provides a detailed overview. Have you paid all one-time costs, and have the deeds passed at the notary? Then, you start repaying your mortgage. These monthly expenditures consist of two parts:

  • The repayments
  • The interest

Do you qualify for a mortgage interest deduction?

Whether you’re entitled to a mortgage interest deduction depends on various factors.

  • If you already own a property and buy a new home, you may lose partial mortgage interest deduction and deductibility of one-time costs when you don’t fully invest your surplus value in the new home. This is due to the bijleenregeling (surplus value scheme).
  • You also need to earn taxable income from which the mortgage interest tax deduction can be deducted.
  • Finally, the mortgage needs to fit the legally permitted features with regard to the duration, repayments and use of the loan.

Periodic costs for your home: deductible or not?

Tip: If you don’t want to wait long for the tax refund, you can apply for a provisional assessment. Sometimes, you also pay other monthly or annual costs for your home, such as leasehold or premium for building insurance.


Description Periodic costs
Mortgage repayment Not deductible
Mortgage interest Deductible (depending on your fiscal situation*)
Leasehold (if applicable) Deductible
Premium building insurance Not deductible

* Want to know how this applies to your situation? We can explain it in an advisory meeting. Schedule an appointment directly here.

New build, self-build, or renovation

Did you buy a new build, self-build, or a fixer-upper? Then, you’ll likely also face costs for land, additional work, or renovations. Unfortunately, these costs are not deductible.

You can often finance these costs in a construction depot.

Good luck with your tax return!

Feel free to keep this information handy while working on your income tax return. Looking for someone to help you with filing your taxes? Ask your Viisi advisor about our partners.