Are you looking to buy a house in 2024? There’s a good chance you can borrow more in 2024 than last year. Here we present an overview of the most important changes and some calculation examples. After reading this article, you know how to use the new rules and be ready to start the house-hunting.

Borrow more or less in 2024?

First-time buyers and movers are taking advantage of the housing market. Wage increases and the increased availability of former investment properties are improving their chances of finding a house. Depending on your situation, you might be able to borrow more or less. A detailed calculation can be obtained during a free appointment with one of our advisors.

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Better energy label, higher mortgage

Pay attention to the energy labels of the houses you’re looking at. An energy-efficient home allows for a higher maximum mortgage. Lenders consider the energy consumption and overall sustainability of the house when determining the maximum mortgage loan. The better the label, the higher the maximum mortgage. The idea is that people in an energy-efficient home have a much lower energy bill and can therefore afford higher mortgage payments.

Our article on making your home more sustainable includes a handy overview of the energy labels and the corresponding additional mortgage amounts (under step 2). Buying a house with a good energy label allows you to borrow more with a maximum of €50.000. If you buy a house with an E/F/G label and you invest in energy-saving measures, you can borrow up to €20.000 extra.

More borrowing capacity for singles

Singles can borrow more in 2024 than in 2023. If you are single and earn €28,000 or more per year, you can borrow €16,000 more. This is a welcome addition, especially since the costs of living have increased.

Student debt weighs differently

Student debt affects how much you can borrow. Many lenders currently look at the original student debt when calculating the maximum mortgage, because the amount you must repay each month remains the same throughout your student loan. That’s changing. From 2024, the current burden of the student loan will determine your borrowing capacity. Be aware: the interest you pay on your student loan will increase in 2024, and with it, usually, the amount you must repay each month. Discuss with your Viisi advisor what impact this will have on your situation.

Be careful!

Paying off your student debt early increases your borrowing capacity. Remember that paying off extra is irreversible. If you expect to need the repaid money for purchasing your home, then paying it off is not wise. Therefore, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of your situation. Our advisors are happy to help.

Useful calculation examples

Here’s what changes for you in 2024. In these examples, we assume the purchase of a home at an interest rate of 4.2%. We leave study loans out of the examples here.

Bart, single, income €40,000

Under the 2023 norms without debts, Bart can borrow €167,000. In 2024, his borrowing capacity rises to €179,500.

Janice, single, income €80,000

Based on her income, Janice can borrow a maximum of €388,500 in 2023. In 2024, this is slightly less. Her maximum mortgage is €384,000.

Suen and Patrick, cohabiting, income each €40,000

Suen and Patrick can borrow €388,500 together in 2023, but in 2024, this couple can only borrow €368,000.

Henry and Peter, cohabiting, income of each €80,000

Henry and Peter can borrow a maximum of €806,000 for a house in 2023. In 2024, their maximum mortgage amount drops to €790,000. The maximum mortgage they can take out in 2024 is thus significantly lower.

In all the examples above, the borrowing capacity could be up to €50.000 higher in 2024, depending on the energy label of the new house. For example, most new construction has energy label A+++ or A++++ which means an extra €30.000 resp. €40.000 can be borrowed.


  • Singles see an improvement in their borrowing capacity.
  • An energy-efficient home results in a higher maximum mortgage—the better the energy label, the higher the mortgage.
  • The impact of debts in 2024 could be lighter or heavier. This depends on what the original principal of the loan is and what the actual monthly installment is. Occasional extra repayments on your DUO debt will have a more positive impact on your borrowing capacity from 2024 than in previous years.

Thus, whether someone can borrow more or less in 2024 depends on the situation. One buyer can borrow more, another buyer less. The differences could be significant, up to tens of thousands of euros. Be prepared and know what you can maximally pay for your new home. Schedule your appointment here.

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