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It can be very difficult to get a home in The Netherlands, being an expat. It is therefore important to prepare yourself financially for the purchase of a home.

Viisi offers full service mortgage advice and brokerage for expats living in The Netherlands. We compare more than 35 providers on price and conditions. This is how we find the provider that suits you best. After our first, complimentary appointment and one of our webinars, you will be ready to make a bid on your dream home.

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Viisi and M&D Real Estate

Why mortgage advice from Viisi?

Below you can find an overview of benefits when you choose Viisi as your mortgage advisor.

  • Your mortgage is approved faster than average, because Viisi has its own acceptance team
  • You will receive independent advice from highly educated advisors
  • Viisi compares all lenders on interest and all conditions
  • Including life insurance and mortgage expenses insurance
  • We are transparent, you always know in advance what you can expect in terms of quality and expenses
  • The first appointment is always free and without obligation

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Kickstart your home hunt by following a webinar!

Why follow a webinar?

  1. Given by academically educated advisors
  2. More than 4.500 happy attendees
  3. Increase your chances of a winning bid.
  4. Ask all your questions directly to an advisor
  5. Exchange experiences and tips with like-minded expats
  6. In one hour fully up to speed 🚀

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