Viisi Hypotheken has taken a new step with the accession of Maurice van Tilburg and Robert Metzke to its Advisory Board. Through their expertise, the company is looking to further expand its services and work on sustainable mortgage products.

Maurice van Tilburg en Robert Metzke_Viisi Hypotheken Advisory Board

Maurice van Tilburg and Robert Metzke

The Advisory Board of Viisi has the task of guiding the company through the so-called ‘three horizon strategy’. This entails the first horizon, which is to become market leader in mortgage advice in the Netherlands, followed by the second, which is to become a mortgage provider. The third horizon is to become an international player.

Maurice van Tilburg has been Managing Director of since 2020. He is the former CEO of Euronext Amsterdam, and has over twenty years of experience in the stock exchange sector. Robert Metzke has been the Global Head of Sustainability at Philips since 2017, and has held various staff positions at the company since 2008.

Maurice van Tilburg

Since 2020, Van Tilburg has been Managing Director of, which aims to grow Dutch innovative tech start-ups and scale-ups. He has been working there since 2019.

In 1995, Van Tilburg started working for the EOE Options Exchange in Amsterdam, and went on to hold various leadership positions at Euroclear Netherlands and Euronext. In 2015, Van Tilburg became CEO of Euronext Amsterdam, and subsequently also operationally responsible for all European markets. He has been working at since 2019.

Van Tilburg on joining the Advisory Board: “Viisi excels in qualitative advice, extending exceptional attention to its employees and customers. The foundation of the company is solid and scaleable. I am happy to be working with the entire team and the founders on the next steps, to enable Viisi to further expand its services.”

Robert Metzke

Since 2017, Metzke has been Global Head of Sustainability at Philips, where he held various positions, among them Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy. Metzke started his career as a consultant at McKinsey (2004-2008).

In addition to his work at Philips, Metzke is a member of the Executive Board of Circularity Capital LLP, and a (non-remunerated) Board Member of the Philips Foundation. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Global Futures Council of the World Economic Forum.

The focus on sustainability within Viisi appeals to Metzke. “Consumers nowadays can choose from thousands of sustainable products, but in the mortgage field, there still isn’t all that much choice. I would like to help Viisi develop climate-neutral mortgage products, and in doing so contribute towards the renewal of the financial sector.”

Viisi reaction

Tom van der LubbeTom van der Lubbe, co-founder of Viisi, on the appointment of Van Tilburg and Metzke to the Advisory Board: “This is a special and meaningful step for our company. I am convinced that the knowledge, experience and drive of Van Tilburg and Metzke will help us make the transition to mortgage lender. This transition is a prerequisite for achieving our goal of making the mortgage market carbon neutral.”

About Viisi Hypotheken

Viisi is a mortgage advice chain for the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, and currently has 68 employees. At Viisi, these employees come first, followed by its customers, and finally the shareholders. Viisi was proclaimed number one at Great Place to Work Netherlands this year, for the fourth time in a row. Last year, the company achieved first place in Europe. The customer rating is 9.8 on Trustpilot (out of more than 1150 reviews).