Tax In & Viisi

En Tax In recomendamos a nuestros clientes a Viisi para asesoramiento hipotecario. Viisi es un líder en el mercado y brinda soluciones personalizadas y asesoramiento excepcional. Con un equipo amable y profesional, Viisi es la elección ideal para resolver las necesidades hipotecarias de los expatriados en los Países Bajos. La consulta inicial se lo puede hacer en Español y es gratuito.

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Tax-In meets Viisi

Why mortgage advice from Viisi?

Below you can find an overview of benefits when you choose Viisi as your mortgage advisor.

  • Your mortgage is approved faster than average, because Viisi has its own acceptance team
  • You will receive independent advice from highly educated advisors
  • Viisi compares all lenders on interest and all conditions
  • Including life insurance and mortgage expenses insurance
  • We are transparent, you always know in advance what you can expect in terms of quality and expenses
  • The first appointment is always free and without obligation

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Kickstart your home hunt by following a webinar!

Why follow a webinar?

  1. Given by academically educated advisors
  2. More than 4.500 happy attendees
  3. Increase your chances of a winning bid.
  4. Ask all your questions directly to an advisor
  5. Exchange experiences and tips with like-minded expats
  6. In one hour fully up to speed 🚀

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