Supply of documents


Supply of documents

How do I properly supply the documents in one time?

Prepare it yourself / MyViisi
Our goal is to choose, with you, the best mortgage for you. And we also want to finalize your mortgage as quickly as possible. You are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary documents immediately be delivered in the right way. We will then do our utmost so that your mortgage application is processed quickly and efficiently.

In MyViisi we create a customized list of required documents for you. MyViisi is a secure and private environment to collect documents online and share them with us. Furthermore, during the mortgage process you can see the status here.

Only upload PDF (up to 15 MB per file)
Virtually all lenders only accept PDF files. Your mortgage application is quickest if you supply the documents directly in the right way:

  • the documents are upright and need not be rotated
  • the numbering of pages align to each other
  • the documents are signed by pen and not digital
  • review the following tips per document

First merge the files and then upload them

  • If you wish to upload multiple documents under a single item, merge them first into a single document.
  • Do we ask in the notes of a rejected document for a supplement? First merge the supplementary document with previously submitted document(s) yourself.

How do I create or merge PDFs?
You can yourself easily convert all kinds of file types such as photos and office documents to PDF. You can also easily edit, merge and rotate PDF files.

Via Smallpdf you can do all kinds of operations online. Also read their privacy policy.

Income tax return (aangifte inkomstenbelasting)

On Mijn Belastingdienst you can see the tax return online and save it. After you log in using DigiD, you can save the report as a PDF.

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Are you an entrepreneur? Then you can request the declaration at your accountant or tax adviser.

What do I pay attention to? 

  • Did you save the entire declaration and not just a summary of the calculation?
  • Are you an entrepreneur? Make sure that you provide the declaration to the tax authorities and not the “income notes” from your accountant.

Bank statement (bankafschrift)

Via internet banking you can download a digital copy or make a screenshot. Save the document as pdf file.

What do I pay attention to?

  • Can you see the following information on the statement?
    • recent date (not older than two months)
    • balance
    • name accountholder (for and/or accounts both names)
    • account number(IBAN)
  • Any changes have been made (such as black-out or strike through)?
  • Need the bank statement as an attachment to a gift or loan agreement? Please note that the depreciation of the amount donated or borrowed is visible.

Student loans (DUO-schuld)

If you have a student loans, on the DUO website you can log in with DigiD. After logging in you click on “Studieschuld”(Student loans) on the “Details” button. From the list you will then see you can take a screenshot and save it as a PDF. Make sure that your own name (top right of the screen) can be seen on the screenshot.

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What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the name of the debtor mentioned?
  • Is the amount of both the original as well the present debt mentioned?

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Financial statements of your business (jaarstukken onderneming)

The financial statements are normally prepared by an auditor or administrator. Only in exceptional cases a single administration may be used: consult with your adviser if that is the case.

What do I pay attention to?

The annual figures contain the following data:

  • profit- and loss account
  • balance and balance comparison with the previous fiscal year
  • notes to the annual accounts

Passport (legitimatie)

What do I pay attention to?

  • Have you made a colorscan?
  • Have both the front and the back been scanned entirely, with visible edges?
  • Is the proof of identity still valid?

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List of BKR registrations (overzicht BKR-registraties)

At the BKR (Credit Registration Office), you can request (for a fee of €4.95) what debt is registered in your name.

What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the name of the debtor mentioned?
  • Is the amount of the debt mentioned?
  • Is the type of credit mentioned?

Why is this necessary?

Each debt limits your borrowing capacity. This may be a loan, but also a credit card, or the possibility of an overdraft on your checking account. It does not matter if you currently use credit. To get an overview of your credit status, the lender always does a credit check for a mortgage application. To get an overview of your credit status the lender always does a credit check in case of a mortgage application.

When do you not have to ask for this yourself?

You will borrow significantly less than is possible on the basis of your income Furthermore you are sure that you have never had to deal with arrears.

Overview actual employment history (overzicht feitelijk arbeidsverleden)

On the  UWV website you can retrieve your work history. After logging in to “My UWV ‘(left column) with DigiD, upper right you can print your employment history or take a screenshot of it. (as pdf).

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What do I pay attention to?

  • In any case, are the last five years of the employment history shown?

Why is this necessary?

The UWV keeps track of the employment history of employees. The more years you have worked, the longer the right exists to benefit from the employee insurance schemes, such as the Unemployment Insurance Act (WW) or the Work & Income According to Labour Act (WIA). This information is important for us to make a correct assessment of your financial situation (current and future).


Through the website you can log in using DigiD. Fill in the requested information and click through to the list. Eventually on the upper right you can click “Download data” and download the summary in PDF (not a screenshot).

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What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the following information visible?
    • the names of the pension administrators
    • the amount of the survivor’s pension
  • Do you take advantage of the early retirement scheme? Add also the early retirement report.

Payslip (salarisstrook)

What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the Payslip not older than two months?
  • On the payslip, is it shown into which bank account number the salary is deposited?
  • Inform your adviser in case of…
    • parental leave
    • bonus
    • recent salary increase
    • employment of less than six months

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Donations- or loan agreement (schenkings- of leenovereenkomst)

You may ask your adviser for a standard form for this agreement. He or she can also help you out with the contents of this document.

In addition, it is necessary to also provide a copy of your identification and a bank statementfrom the donor(s) or borrower(s).

What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the following information visible on the agreement?
    • the donationdate or the effective date of the loan
    • the names of the stakeholders
    • the donated or borrowed amount
    • the interest percentage and the term (in the event of a loan)
  • Has the agreement been signed by all stakeholders?

Renovation specification (specificatie meerwerk / verbouwspecificatie)

What do I pay attention to?

  • Is the specification fully completed?
  • Has the specification been signed by all applicants?
  • Are the costs specified under the correct description and not under ‘miscellaneous’?
  • Please note: Only tick the box referring to “1” if the improvement is carried out entirely by yourself. Leave the box blank if the improvement is (partially) carried out by a third party.

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Valuation report (taxatierapport)

You can request a valuation through Viisi at Maatwerk Woondiensten. Maatwerk is a party that has proven to deliver speed and service at a competitive price. We strongly advise you not to apply for the valuation, but let us do that for you. In this way we can maintain control over the speed and quality with which the report is delivered.

Employer’s statement (werkgeversverklaring)

You must have the employer’s statement completed by your employer. It is not wise to add any information yourself.

What do I pay attention to?

  • Has everything been completed or checked and nothing forgotten?
  • Is the declaration provided with a signature, company stamp and name of the contact person?
  • Has the declaration been completed, without corrections, by one person, by a pen of one colour?
  • Is the declaration not older than two months?
  • If there is a statement of intent, is it also equipped with an additional signature and stamp?

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