If you are an expat living in the Netherlands and you are considering buying a house, you may be wondering what the possibilities are for financing a house on a residence permit. Usually there are quite a few options. We will break down what the rules are for a few specific situations and residence permits in this article.

Can I buy a house in The Netherlands

Buying together with a Dutch partner

When you are buying together with a Dutch partner most mortgage lenders will be able to accept your mortgage application. In this case your resident status will not be a limiting factor.

Buying as a EU resident

If you are an EU resident currently living in Holland, it is also possible to finance a house with most of the mortgage lenders without any problems.

Buying as a non-EU resident

When you are living in the Netherlands as a non-EU resident, your chances of getting a mortgage loan depend on the residence permit you have. When you have a permanent residence permit, you can typically get a loan without limits. When your residence permit is temporary, there are a few types of these permits that will allow you to finance a house in the Netherlands as well.

Residence permit type

In general, it depends on the type of temporary residence permit you have, what your options for financing a home are. As a highly skilled migrant your chances are generally best. When you are in the Netherlands based on your skilled labor (the back of your residence permit states ‘Kennismigrant’), there are quite a few options with lenders to provide 100% of the loan to value that you would typically otherwise get based on your income. Loan to value here means that banks will lend you 100% of the value of the property.

But also when you are a researcher or if you are living in the Netherlands based on other temporary residence permits, there are generally good chances of getting a mortgage depending on the goal of your stay in the Netherlands.

It is important to note that your options may also vary among different Dutch mortgage lenders. So it is always advisable to consult a mortgage consultant about your specific situation.

Additional policies and requirements

All mortgage lenders have their own rules and policies, so your personal situation may mean that you will have less mortgage lenders to choose from than usual. Also, some lenders require a minimum amount of time living and/or working in the Netherlands.

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