We are officially B Corp certified! We are super excited and proud to share this significant milestone. But what does this certification mean, and why is it important for us? We wrote this blog to explain just that.

Viisi teamfoto B Corp

What does B Corp certification mean?

B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation. The B Corp label is a certification for commercial companies assessed on their social and environmental impact. Companies that carry the B Corp label have deeply embedded sustainability in their core and create value in various ways.

What makes the B Corp certification special is its broad perspective on your business. They assess not just one part, but your entire operation, including the overall impact on your employees, customers, society, and the environment. It’s about promoting a more inclusive and sustainable economy. For more information, see the B Impact Assessment.

For many, the concept of B Corp might seem abstract, but it’s simply a seal of approval for companies that genuinely make a positive impact on the world.

The mission of Viisi

Our motivation to start Viisi was our desire as financial planners to change the world of financial advice. We believed, and still believe, that financial advice can be better, should be more long-term focused, and more sustainable in a societal sense. Achieving B Corp certification underscores our commitment to this goal. We are proud that our ‘People First, Customers Second‘ approach scored high in areas like Governance and Workers. However, there is still work to be done in other areas!

Work in progress!

In achieving our B Corp certification, Viisi scored 87 points, while the minimum for certification is 80 points, and the maximum is 200. This result places us above the required threshold, an achievement we are proud of, but we also realize there is plenty of work ahead. Our goal is not just to maintain this score but to significantly improve it. Especially in the areas of Community and Environment. The B Corp network connects us with like-minded companies that also aim to make a positive impact. It’s a reminder that our mission goes beyond individual success – it’s about making the financial sector healthier, so it can add more societal value, not just shareholder value.


In our quest for progress, transparency is key. We acknowledge the areas where we need to grow and invite everyone to watch and support us. Whether it’s improving our environmentally conscious initiatives or deepening our community involvement, every concrete step, no matter how small, increases our impact.