Viisi Hypotheken has been named Best Employer in the Netherlands for the fourth consecutive year. After finishing first in the small business category (for companies with up to 50 employees) in the past three years, the mortgage advice chain is now also the best employer within the medium-sized company category (for companies with up to 250 employees).


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Best Workplace 2022

The title Best Workplace is awarded annually by the research and consultancy firm Great Place To Work on the basis of a comprehensive analysis in the areas of employee satisfaction and employer policy (Trust Index and Culture Audit).

Viisi Hypotheken’s scores in the report are predominantly within the elements of camaraderie, honesty and credibility. “Winning this award for the fourth time in a row is a definite honour,” says Marc-Peter Pijper of Viisi Hypotheken.
“But being first is not our goal. The most important thing is for our own colleagues to view us as the best employer. At the same time, we’re of course delighted to be number one yet again, and even within a new category of medium-sized companies.”

Sustainable growth through People First

Despite overall staff shortages within the market, the number of employees of Viisi Hypotheken has increased by almost a third over the past year. As of 1 June, there are 64 Viisionairs working for the mortgage advice chain.
Pijper: “We are convinced that if colleagues are satisfied, then satisfied customers will automatically follow. It’s what we refer to as: People first, Customers Second”.

In its quest to attract and retain talent, Viisi doesn’t shy away from challenging existing HR conventions. “In everything we do, we ask ourselves: why are we doing it this way? Will it increase the sense of autonomy? Will it promote our team performances? Will it help everyone to discover and enhance their talents? If the answer to that is ‘no’, then sacred HR houses will be made to topple,” says Pijper.

(C) Roel Dijkstra Fotografie / Foto: Dennis Wisse


Viisi Hypotheken has been working on the basis of the Holacracy self-organization model since 2016, in which there are no fixed job descriptions and employees, just autonomous roles that are set up by the employees themselves. Pijper: “In addition, we have developed a new salary model that matches our method of organizing. The starting point is that the theme of reward takes a backseat, because it is only then that the teams able to freely and collectively set up roles and divide the work.”

Best Employers 2022

The Best Workplaces for 2022 ranking was announced earlier today by Great Place to Work. In addition to Viisi Hypotheken, ViewSonic (small), Afas Software (large) and Salesforce (multi-national) were also winners.
“Viisi Hypotheken is a great example of how to really put employees in first place,” says Wencke Ester-Lorber, Commercial Director at Great Place to Work. “The fact that no less than one hundred percent of all Viisionairs consider the company a Great Place to Work is the ultimate proof of this. It is not marketing, but purely who they are. That takes guts and is incredibly inspiring. “

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(C) Roel Dijkstra Fotografie / Foto: Dennis Wisse

About Viisi Mortgages

Viisi Hypotheken specializes in independent mortgage advice, and assists first-time buyers and young professionals in particular with the purchase of their homes. All their advisors are academically trained. Viisi Hypotheken is a company whose mission statement is clear: ‘Let’s change finance’. The company has a so-called People First strategy, which means that its own employees come first, then the customers, and only then the shareholders.

Are you looking to work at Viisi? You can read more about it here (in Dutch).