While studying Actuarial Sciences in Amsterdam, Hergen Dutrieux was very adept at comprehending the mathematical background utilised in the operational methods of insurers and pension funds. After successful completion of his studies in 2002, he has now notched up over 15 years of experience in the financial world. One of the projects he is involved in at Viisi is setting up the company’s own mortgage label.

Hergen lives with his wife and two daughters in The Hague in a home they purchased. In his spare time, you can see him walking or running in the dunes, and sometimes on the golf course.

Hergen’s roles

Viisi is the first financial organisation in the world to implement Holacracy, and one of the few organisations that has opened up its entire organisational structure to anyone interested in it.

Below are some of Hergen’s roles:

  • "Chief" Digital Officer
  • Bank loan / Banklening
  • Dealmaker
  • Inkoopcontracten
  • NLgroeit

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Hergen Dutrieux - Viisi

Hergen Dutrieux

Telefoon: 020 811 8810
E-mail: [email protected]